03 October 2006

Just Started

my 1st ever blogging experience. since ive just started my new hobby of mountain biking, so i decided to put up a blogging experience as my new hobby too. so, ive got my new bike but it is very non-branded bike. just a rock bike imported by a malaysian company. i tink its made in taiwan. so this bike specs?

  • Neco Stem
  • Normal Risebar
  • Stupid rock bike prowheel crankset
  • shimano sis 7 speed cassette
  • shimano sis rear deraileur
  • shimano sis front deraileur
  • shimano 7 speed rapidshift
  • shimano v brake
  • rock bike double wall rims
  • semi-slick tyres non branded
  • quadro hubs front and rear with QR
  • Rock bike aluminium frame
  • Rock bike fork with 63mm shocks(i think it is from my rough estimation)
  • the colour of this bike is black with slight touch of redness

I urgently need to upgrade my crankset asap! as you can see, its bloody crap specs for a bike that needs to travel a lot of places. but i needed it to train and now collecting money to upgrade bits and pieces.


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