28 February 2010


I recently just got back from JB.

It was for work. Went with Hakim. His car too.

Decided to just stay for one night. To continue with the Malidur Rasul hols.

And also decided to meet my friend whom I had a real close friendship! :) Her name is Ana Rasha. (xxxxxxxx)

Hahahaha. :PP

Anyways, as our work was finished, we were damn tired. well, Hakim was. He drove the whole trip. Miahahaha. So, straight checked in the hotel Grand Far East near Jalan Masai Lama which was near to Pasir Gudang. Oh we did went to Jusco Tebrau as well. Huhu. Bought a bag. Murah wor! Lotto bag RM29 je. Haha. Janji dah ada beg baru nak bwk g keje. Keh keh keh.

Then, lepak2, rehat2 la. Hakim tidoq. I contacted Ana for the time we're gonna lepak. The she came lah around 830pm with her friend. But her friend is going to be at Larkin. Going back to Seremban.

Sesudah sampainye cik Ana, we all rode her "Baby" which I call Kelori. :P After the Larkin, dia kene buli wor! Hahaha. :P Dah lah jalan tak tau. Kiterang plak yang guide. :P

Sampai lah di Danga Bay, Restoran Singgah Selalu. (hentam je aku pon lupe dah nama dia. hahaha)

Makan2 burger & also shisha. Wuhu! Shisha dia not bad.

Maaf gambar burger tade. Haha. Lupe makan. Sebab dah asyik sangat dok makan burger. Wahahaha.

Itu lah air tembikai besar saya yang tak berapa nak besar pon. Cisdel. Rasa nak sepak je. Ingatkan besar sgt. Wakakaka.

Haaa. Dah mula boh gambar2 ni maknanye aku dah malas nak type. Nak nak pulak, td english tetibe je melayu. Mmg malas dah tu. Wakaka.

The next thing I know was UNO! Gile lah Ana. Game ni berhantu okay. Dia tanak stop2 kot. Bukan pasal ape pon, pasal ada orang yang ajak tu, asik kalah je. Hahahahahaha. :P

Beliau lah yang dikatakan punca kami main game Uno berjela-jela. Muka tensi kekalahan di pihak beliau.

Beliau telah meletakkan ketepi Uno dan lantas bermain dgn PSP beliau.

Yeah, sesi bergambar dalam kereta sewaktu bazar JB. Ini lah hasilnye. WHITE! Saya juga telah acquire sebijik BB gun. Haha. With laser sight siyuttt! haha. Just for fun! :))

UNO LAGI! Di kedai mamak berdekatan dengan hotel. Miahaha. At last, dia menang gak. hahahahahaha. Sian!

Ini lah cong master. Kami dah kalah kan. So kene cong. Haha.

Victory is sweet. Look. She's smiling now.

Then we went back to hotel and said our thanks to Ana for entertaining the night. (eh, ada ke? tak eh? THANKS ANANANANANA! :D) Then the morning came, and we made a deal to have breakfast. But it more to Brunch. Haha.

Hakim began to have doubts about the drink. Haha. It's called Yestea. It's Jasmine Tea. Haha. I don't like the taste.

This is Ana's bihun sup ape tah jadah. I can't remember. She was asking about the sea weed. And wonder why it looked so weird. Makan je lah weh! :P Did you know, she's hantu FB? WIFI je FB. Even sanggup to use Mobile Web for FB! :P

Hawaiaan Pizza of mine. So cute aren't they? Wahahaha.

Then we finished our brunch. Got a lil accident with Ana's thingy. I know she's mad at me. But she's keeping it cool. Muka coverline abes cemerlang. I'm so so so so so SORRY! I REALLY CAN HELP YOU if I had my stuffs together at that time. :(

Anyways, I really had fun for the company that Ana gave. Thanks dear! :))

Pastu, balik KL lah. Apa laga. But singgah Melaka sat. Jupe awek Hakim. Haha. Makan2 lagi. Shit hell gemok lah aku! (mmg dah gemok okay)

p/s: SORRY LAGI!! DAMN!! :((


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