04 October 2006

Upgrade and Ride

Oh well, today i've changed my crank to shimano acera which is way lighter and better the old crank wich is suppose to be in the junkyard! rm80 for it. changed my stupid freakin hard as rock saddle as well. rm15 for it. better at least. next upgrade is my freaking fork. my fork isn't that good. im afraid it will get broken soon enough with me putting too much pressure on it! hahaha. next one is the stupid freakin free gear thingy. it is absolutely not applicable for off roads as it would wear off. thinkin of deore upgrade for that or maybe cheaper than deore? cuz i mite as well buy a whole new bike. im seein stars for my new fork of either marzzochi or omega. hmmmm... rawr! after upgrading my bloody crank, i went for a ride with these friends of mine(shah&kalid). they have pretty hot mtbs! i wish i have something like them. oh well, met them at the bicycle shop then went for the ride to tmn melawati for ramadhan bazar. then with an instant stupid idea of mine goin 2 kg kemensah to see the place there. to see how the biking environment there. its quite fun to see it and have a place which is quite near. then we cycle back through tmn melawati then au5 then wangsa melawati then section 5 wangsa maju back. then kalid went back straight home after resting for a while. me and shah just cycle for a while around section 5 near NZ and just went for the off road. i hope that shah didnt mind at all about the terrain. the off road was just superawesome. im lovin it. haha. then went back to my house. wash my bike and shook shah's hand as the azan maghrib have already sounded which means BUKAK POSAAAAA BEBBBBB!!

- bought new crankset+saddle = rm95
- cycle around 6km today+5.5km yday = 11.5km

p/s: will take the new pictures of my crank and the "better" version of my stupid saddle. it is still stupid.


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