06 October 2006

Fork, FD, RD, Riser Bar, Grips.. Lol!

I want a new fork. ASAP! The one im intrested is RST Omega T5. it will cost me about rm250. about fd, well not yet. but thinkin of deore xt. haha. rd, i just found a 2nd one for only rm22 for an acera FD, rm50 for an easton ea50 riser bar, rm25 for grips.. i might take it if the size is right lah. hehehehehehe. happy! huhuhuhu.. yday i cycle like usual plus today i cycle a bit extra which is to tmn melati than back to tmn melawati and the usual route.
  • RST Omega T5 in target RM250
  • RD Acera 2nd hand RM22
  • Easton EA50 Riser Bar RM50
  • Lizard Grips RM25
  • Cycled 04/10 about 8km and 05/10 around 10km


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