03 November 2009


This blog used to be about RIDINGS! Haha. Now a lot more into travelling, foods & friends. Hahaha. Okay, updating you something about my Little Red Riding Hood! :)

She got herself new set of legs. Brand new wheelset. Should be stronger! ;)

Yeap. My baby has been revived. After a two months plus not riding. I think it's time! ;) New wheelsets. Fork oil topped up. Weehu! Let's go riding!

Yes, carbon hubs baby! Suzue Carbon DH hubs with extra large rim Taiwan made. Front & Rear(135mm) thru axle hubs! Weehu!

Then the story about the Lojing Height trail aka Unknown trail. It has been 100% explored. Now 70% built. Need to finish up on touching up the rest of 30%. It is rideable fully by December hopefully! It's an AM trail baby!

This is where the high speed comes! Weehu!

High speeddddd.

Down to the mini rockgarden. Hahaha. Rockgarden lah sangat!

Supposed to be a big drop down there buttttttt changing it to rolling it down. Since it's AM track I suppose. Haha.

Sorry these are the only pics I took recently. The track would take you as fast as 2 minutes plus and as slow as 8minutes I presume.

Steep L turn. Huhuhu. I assume it's around 1Km track? Haha. It's a fun sunday evening ride trail. Best ride with Spiked tires. Hehehehehe.

That is all of my update about my MTB! :P


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