12 October 2006

More Upgrades but there's problem!

Hey, hey, hey,
Fat alberttt... haha. so, so, i havent been writing for sometime.. Today's the time since I got the time. Been busy with stupid exams.. Lol! I've just actually got c050 FD(thanks bro kelolo!rm20 with free gifts! haha.) since the acera was top pull! dammit. no acera setting. since that, ive made up my mind to actually ROJAK my bike! yay! mix up of everything! very cost saving and maybe comfortable to me? I've bought my new RD too as well which is Alivio(rm75). I just loveeeee the smoothness of my shifting now. haha. And for the future, I've bought myself a new pair of brake levers which are AVID AD 3 (RM5), used 9 Speed Cassette Sunrace brand(thanks bro kelolo agen! rm25)... My alivio RD is compatible to 7,8 and 9 speed.. So no worries when changing to 9 speed soon! Today I just got new fork as well! RST 381 CL.. A normal working fork nothing special bout it. It's color makes it really cheap and horrible! haha. I also just bought my rear nite lite. for rm5 only. Well the bad news is, my bloody BB is making sound!! fck! just serviced it, and it still makes the sound! bloody hell! rm5 wasted down the drain. im gonna go and complain actually later. haha. we'll see what happens.
  • C050 FD (RM20 with free gifts)
  • Alivio RD (RM75)
  • Avid AD 3 (RM25)
  • Sunrace 9 speed cassette (RM25)
  • RST 381 CL fork (RM60 but havent paid yet)
  • RM5 BB service for nothing (FCK!)
  • RM5 Rear Nite Lite


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