26 November 2006

The assembled new bike... and the other bike.

Wow, it's been a hefty shit load of week. This week, I've got the new frame and another bike. Helping a friend to clean out his storeroom before moving overseas. I've also got a new stem which is exactly the dimension I've wanted. 90mm and 5 degrees. I've also got myself a new FSA headset which actually comes together with the new frame. This new frame, asks me to get a new seatpost where I had to get it from Kalid. Oh well, 31.6mm. One of the hardest measurement to get! Far out! Another lesson learnt here. Keke. Since its seat tube is kinda big, it also asks me to get a new fckg FD. Fck! I had to change my bloody FD! It's a NEW deore FD! Oh well, it's the only one that fits the frame. I've also got a new Maxxis flyweight tyre 2.1 rear. I've also got myself a Deore RD(i've switched it with the other peugeot bike because to suit my 9 gear system). Then, I just got the peugeot bike for my dad. I'm just waiting for him to approve the bike. I'm gonna make sure that will happen! Haha! The peugeot bike drivetrain is excellent. With those ritchey rims and ritchey WCS tires and not to forget those XTR shifters combined brake levers. That bike is excellent! Damn jealous of that XTR shifters+brake levers! Keke. It's 27 speed shifter actually! Hmmm.. I wonder if I can swap those around with mine! Haha!

Bontrager Stem 90mm 5 Degrees
FSA headset sealed bearing.
Bontrager Seatpost 31.6mm. Thanks Kalid!
My MTB with new frame assembled.
NEW Deore FD
Flyweight Maxxis 2.1 Rear Tyre
Deore RD
Another view of the assembled new frame.
The other Peugeot Bike I got from Avantgarde84.


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