12 November 2006

A REAL off road today and... A crash AGAIN!

Today, hereby, I've annouced that my Rockbike has gone the real off road. But, the trail should have been easy to intermediate. But then the day I arrived for my 1st off road, it went to HARDEST trail ever. What makes it harder, i didnt even sleep the day before, so I have less energy. Couldn't even climb small hills. That was bad. And my saddle was broken just the night before by Shah but by mistake and changed it with the old saddle of kalids. I thought the breakfast of having 2 biji telur and teh tarik would boost me up. But it didnt. Going there with a GT bike owner, Giant FS XC owner, salim, shah and champion(nickname for this small kid). So I went for the off road at Kemensah through the Waterfall trail. It's all wet and soaky. It has really deep "trail drain" which is quite dangerous for noobs like me. Okay, journey through it was okay, i manage to keep up but without any energy left on me. I really couldn't do anything, I was the slowest one since I ran out of energy. This is because of me not sleeping. So we all climb up as high as we can but there wasn't enough time to climb to the highest. Now, the downhill part comes in. With the really awful trail, I couldn't go any faster as I am noob. But then, it's downhill, so my mind says what the heck, just go for it lah. It took my working ass to go up this damn steep hill. So i just gave the speed, down the hill, up to where I couldn't control my tires to not go into "trail drain" but I did. I went flip over the bike, smashed my shoulder on the muds, and I thought Ive dislocated my shoulder cause it was damn painful. But then, Shah came to the rescue, I asked him to check if it was just normal muscle pain or dislocated shoulder, and it was just normal muscle pain lah. Thank god. Then, the worst came, the saddle, came off and we got no tools to tighten up the saddle back and I had to ride my bike with a saddle and the seatpost so its like having a trial bike setup to go down the hill. It was killing me. Really killing me with the pain on the shoulder and on my ass cause I had nowhere to put my ass. Then arrived back to the point of where we started the trail. My rear brakes are gone too. I cant use any rear brakes. So whats left was just front brakes. Broken saddle and brakes. Then when I came near to the zoo area, I heard a sound that I didnt like. One of my spokes broken from my rear rim. Broken spoke, brakes and saddle(not really broken but unattached and uncomfortable) and yeah forgot to mention a CRASH again! Leeches were everywhere on me. My shoes totally filled with blood. I don't know why I have this unlucky month. Lost my phone, scratch my shin, injured my shoulder, broken spoke, broken brakes and broken saddle. Oh well. Maybe its newbie bad luck eh? Anyways, after the ride, I repaired my spoke, installed my newly bought used LX crank(RM50 for BB, crank arm and cateye computer. Thanks CS!) with octalink BB. Havent installed the computer yet as it takes some time and I had to go home for my friends! Really didn't expect to leave them out at my house for so long. So after all these, I headed home.
  • Bought and installed new used crank arm LX, biggest chainring and cateye computer for RM50
  • Broken spoke, brakes and saddle.
  • Injured my shoulder.


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