15 October 2006

More Upgrades and Known Problems..

mmm.. ive just installed my new fork and new grips. hehe. to install fork plus spacer is rm15 and my new SARS grips are rm12. hehehe. its quite soft fork for off road but wud be a bad idea for uphill. the heavy feeling will be there. the grips is doin fine for its price. SARS brand cud be something in the future I guess. Nothing much lately, didnt cycle dat much diz week. Got exams and all that. And the problem i found previously was just my pedals. Time to change? oh well i dont think so. fck off. Conclusion:

  • New SARS Grips RM12
  • Fork installed with spacer RM15
  • Problem was the stupid pedals

Thats all folks!


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