09 November 2006

New Helmet, New Pedals and New set of Tires... and a Crash..

Well, today, as I recover trauma of being robbed while cycling, I started to cycle with at least a friend now. Before I went for college, had these tires from Kalid, Tioga tires, 1.95 and 2.1. So, yeah, ive installed them today this morning before I went for college to take my results. And I've also installed my new pedals specialized.. The grip of my pedals, Ph-wah! The grip of these tioga tires also, Ph-wah! Haha.. But then, the new tale came in later today when I was cycling back from Tmn Melati LRT station.. The worst thing happened, a CRASH. It was raining before I cycle home, so when the rain stops, some places are slippery. So, frm the traffic light near Klinik Kita, Ive sprinted with full speed, had couple of jumps and then it came to a situation where I had to decide either its the Tar road or the Tiles. I had to take the tile way because i needed to avoid the van and a motorcycle. Just after I've entered the tile, my brain ticks straightaway, OMG, I can't stop this bike at this sort of terrain but then the quick thinking gave me a solution of just to TRY the brakes. It failed me. The rear tioga tire wasnt grip enough on that slippery tile. I CRASH! I crash nearby the TAR villa. I had to let go the bike and just slide on my right side. Had to risk of breaking my RD rather than risking myself of going into a REAL DAMN BIG sewage. So i let go of the bike and slided on the right hand side. Nothing major except my shin injured pretty bad. But still I could cycle though with hissing the pain lah. haha. The bike? Nothing happened to her(yes my bike is a SHE for me). Cycled to the nearest stall to have a drink while washing the "luka" on my shin. It was damn "pedis" to actually washing it. I nearly screamed at the stall. haha. Then waited for like 15-20mins while having my drink with my friend and I cycled again back home. The weird part is I could actually cycle even faster with this injury! haha. Weird but true. Oh my, why didn't I think of going to Klinik Kita to actually was these cuts on my shin. I was damn near to the clinic. WTF. Cudn't think straight after that fall probably. haha. Oh yeah, I also bought a new MTB helmet, which is for Freerider or BMXer. It has quite a lot of airholes. So it wasnt that hot using that helmet. Bought it yesterday, and I got the crash today. Lucky me! Next thing to buy is my new Riser Bar, Seatpost, Saddle and Gloves. Oh forgot to tell that I've installed chain clip as well since I got this chain problem again.


  • New MTB helmet RM58
  • New Specialized pedals RM38
  • New Chain clip RM10
  • New Used pair of Tioga Tires RM50


  • Fox or SixSixOne full hand gloves
  • Easton Riser Bar
  • Easton seatpost
  • SDG Saddle
  • Frame


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