31 October 2006

Shifter, Cassette, Brake Lever, Chain, Rim

Hell yeah,
My rockbike now is 9 speed gear system. totally rojak. rd is alivio, fd is c050 shimano, chain is kmc z 9 speed, cassette is sunrace 9 speed, shifter is mega 9 shifter deore, brake lever ad 3 avid and mavic x 138 rim front. its a better bike now. its softness and smoothness to ride just makes me fall in love more with this bike eventho it was crap. haha. at first, the chain i bought was too short since the alivio rd has a bigger pulley and so had to extend my chain with extra chain. then, came the "ghost shifting" problem, and i tot the RD or the cassette wasn't compatible as told by "Barican Owner in Wangsa Melawati" and the setting was out of bounds but then it was just the chain problem where the previous mechanic didnt clip it back properly and it was damaged as told by "Bangladeshi Mechanic at Barican Wangsa Melawati". i had it fixed by him and it went better! no more of that fckg ghost shifting. I had to change my front rim since my fckg new deore hub didnt fit the old rim! shyte! i had to waste my fckg rm90. haha. installation costs me rm20. hehe. So conclusion for today:-
  • Shifter Deore RM100
  • Cassette Sunrace 9 speed RM25
  • Brake Lever Avid AD 3 RM25
  • Chain KMC Z Chain 9 Speed RM35
  • Rim Mavic X 138 RM90
  • Installation RM20

Oh the pics, will be posting them tomorrow morning! hehe.


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