23 November 2006

New Safety Gloves anyone? ...or Not?

Ding dong, here comes my Bell protective gloves! Yeah! Cheapest protective gloves I could find at the moment. Going offroad with these gloves would be awesome! I got it off Campbell from Jalan TAR(in case you don't know). RM40 is the best price I could ask for. But there was problems. Thank god I realised before I actually went back home. As soon as I've bought it, I walked fast to the STAR LRT station and just before I took the train, I realised that my freaking gloves, was torn at the strapping area. FCK! I have a class at 2pm and its 230pm already. So I rushed back to my college 1st and go for the class(at 1st I thought of dogging the class but decided not to). I came in late for the programming tech lab class around 3pm. I had to do a small test and programmings. Everyone already finished their small test and already started to do their programming. The programming had 3 tasks to be done and they've made it to the second one. I did as fast as I can for my small test as it was easy. As I finished my small test, I asked from my lecturer if I could go any earlier(as I am fckg pissed off with the shop that sold me those gloves that were torn!) than these guys after I've finished those 3 tasks of programming. As I look at the whiteboard of what the tasks are, well, they were easy and I've done it before in my previous college. I did it all and gone from the class at 325pm! I was actually astonished that I finished earlier than those guys and entered late. Hmmm.. Anyways, I straight away rushed out of the class, went and get Acap(cause after exchanging those gloves, I am going to Iks house to have some meal). I arrived at the shop and asked for exchange, the worker asked me to wait for a while as the boss isn't around. I've waited for 20mins and thank god that the boss let the exchange happens. If he actually gave me any excuses that I did the damage, that shop would have gone upside down. So, now me and Acap running to get Metro bus to get home ASAP and went to Iks house. Man, every single parts of my bike has its story. Keke.
  • Got my safety gloves BELL for RM40.
  • Had my programming tech lab for only 30mins while managing to finish faster than others.


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