19 November 2006

Waterfall Trail Short Offroad.

Well, we're going on the same trail as last week except that me and shah will stop at the mid-section of the trail and they're going to continue the trail. This is because I had to go back and settle open houses that I had to attend. Keke. But in the end they all decided not to continue and instead just follow what we're going to do which is stop in the middle of the trail and "patah balik". Well, this time Im quite prepare with hell of energy. I wasn't like last week, where I was really really tired because I just slept for 2 hours. Before the offroad, all the climbs on road, I did it miraculously. I didn't pushed my bike like the last time. I cycled all the way up to the guardhouse before the offroad. No problem for me. I managed it to do it! The trail today, is even worst than last week. It's extreme muddy today. My tires really didn't do anything much than to just move my bike and not helping me to control the trail. I had no grip at all. Well, while offroad, I didn't fell like last week. So a lot of improvement actually happens with this good sleep I had last night. It's all guuuuuuuuuudddddddd today! But again this week, I wreck my brakepads. These brakepads aren't meant for off road so it's totally out. So I scratched my rims. Pretty bad scratches! I'm totally flipping out. Well, I've changed couple of parts on this bike last week such as my new rear promax brakes. It's quite responsive. Good money deal. Changed my brakepads just now because I do not want it to hurt my rim anymore! I got a new seatpost and a new saddle. It's used and I got it for free from Uncle Mat. Thanks to him, my testicles feels a lot better and with this new seatpost it looks better. I've also installed the cateye mity 8 computer on my bike. Thanks CS.
  • I was able to climb any hills today.
  • I didn't fell down on downhilling the offroad.
  • LX crank definitely saves my energy.
  • Promax Rear brakes changed rm25.
  • Installed the Cateye Mity 8 computer on my bike.
  • Installed new seatpost and giant saddle. Thanks Uncle Mat.


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