14 July 2008


First of all, credits to RADZI for all the pictures. ;) Superb pics!

This is how the story starts.

Scotty's bike is being prepared at around 930am.
Setup my bike as well. Serena was looking fine.
Those other DHers went the back way while me, Scotty and Radzi went the front way.
Reached the 3rd hill stop.
Scotty was pretending to have a nice drifting.
Met a group of XC riders.
Hey, Mushroom in red!
Scotty penuh bergaya with that white helmet.
Scotty: Ober, did u eat my smoke just now?
Scotty: Did u guys see he ate my smoke?
Yazid: Haah. Mmg berhabuk muka Ober td makan.
Seriousness in them!?
Ober went down.
Then it's Scotty.
Yummy high speed downhill!
Drafting baby!
Yeah, ready to turn!
Scotty was having a leisure ride. :P
Now, he means business. Catching up the DHers.
I really paddled down that hill.
Uiyo, nice ass!
Superb pic by Radzi! White T-Bolt!
Now, it's me!
Santa Cruz Buillit!
Went the chicken run. Instead of the jump. Hehe.
Tomi went for the jump!
Some no helmet dude. ATTN: DON'T TAKE THIS AS EXAMPLE.
Eh? Ober's back up?
Eh, so fast?
What? He's gonna do it?
He made it!
Eh, 2nd jump is that way lah.
Seriously, 2nd jump is that way.
Oh, okay. You were intending to go to the tree.
I was knocked out. People thought I was dead. Eyes wide open while knocked out.
Serena broke her arse.
The tree that was damaged as well.
I was like possesed. I didn't recall this moment at all.
I remember I was sitting.
She's gone.
All the riders who saw it all.

So folks, that's how my Serena died. :(
Any donation for me is highly appreciated. Thanks. I don't wanna miss the race on the 31st of August.
For the readers information, I have NO broken bones. Only bruises, torn lips and painful teeth.


Blogger maryjane ida said...

serena? as in serena van der woodsen? o_O

7:32 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Joe said...

Holy smokes dude, tengah dok concussion pun bleh hisap rokok lagi!

8:28 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

are u a muslim?
since u r malay maybe u r a muslim.
b4 ride, pray first.
recall on ur previous words, action etc that kinda fuck up.
hahaha chill bro.
diri kene basikal pun kene. STYLE
Ride safe but don't forget bout to pray

3:16 PM GMT+8  
Blogger yeahjamal said...

bro...u totally wrecked the t-bolt..and i am about to get my self a MTB as well..converting frm BMX to MTB..happy riding...!

7:32 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Sofia Legend said...

No broken bones ??? WOW

Happy for that, but that must have hurt ...what a CHAMPION :))

3:06 AM GMT+8  
Blogger paranoid of death said...

pergh la Ober.. dasat ko nye crash... takpe ber..skang dah ada beskal baru..hehehe.. leh cuba lagi hentam pokok..

11:54 AM GMT+8  
Blogger doriyuckey said...

gilaaa ah. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_UtXCKdwspJk/SHxqkui7fBI/AAAAAAAAAjo/-BGsnCLtxcI/s1600-h/40.JPG pics ni yg menakutkan. macam nak mati dah kaw ber. uhuhuhuhuhu.

11:46 AM GMT+8  

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