21 February 2007

Malacca Ride = Torturing!

Hey this is suppose to be an old post actually. But I just got the time to write it up. Okay, so I head to Malacca for a holiday during Chinese New Year with my cousin. He brought his Fuji Odessa and I brought my usual bike in my Vios car. So, nothing much to talk about how we get to Malacca. As soon as we arrived at A Famosa Resort, checked in and re-assemble our bikes. Oh yeah, not to forget our luggages was put in our rooms. We changed our clothings to a much more cycling-fit clothings. Filled up our water bottles and brought some snacks in my bag with spare tubes and tools. So, we're off! We started with cycling around A Famosa area. We cycle towards the big gate of A Famosa but before we went out of the A Famosa, we actually went to search for some off roading. Haha. Naughty me! I love getting derrtyyyy! Haha. But then it was just a track for buggy rides. I don't wanna mess with that, so me and my cousin took off towards the gate cycle to Simpang Ampat. Total cycling in A Famosa was around 10kms. From A Famosa to Simpang Ampat was about 3.2km. So we cycle up to Simpang Ampat warungs to have drinks and ciggies. Suddenly, the clouds weren't as it should be. It is a bad sign for us cyclist. It was happy sunshine just a minute then and suddenly came the gloomy clouds! So, we quickly paid our drinks and my cousin bought his shaver and topup from the local grocery store. We quickly paddled our crank to the max! It already started raining. We were wet. It was just 1.5km from Simpang Ampat and my cousin snapped his chain! And guess what? I don't have any chain tool! omg! we're fckd! so, the only thing to do is either push for the rest of the journey or call someone to pick us up! but then I told him, let me be your pulley boi. don't ask for help and i don't want us to push our bikes. we're gonna arrive home late if we push. so, i cycle and towed him. There were couple of uphills that I was unable to tow him up. Cause it was kinda steep. So think about my bike weighs around 14kg + 60kg(me) + 13kg (cousin's bike) + 55kg(cousin) = 142kg! I actually cycle the weight of 142kg on 2nd chain ring with 6th cog speed. and I'm cycling with one hand towing my cousin up to 11.5km! And I also managed to reached up to 40kmh per hour on a flat road with that. Haha. It was fun. It'll be good for training(my thoughts) at the time I was towing my cousin. It was kinda fun but torturing but still its packed with laughter and the distance, plueghhhh, it was nothing! So we arrived home and straight headed for shower! Cause that night we were planning to go to Malacca town to enjoy and meet some of our online friends! Here are some pics. aahhh, actually, there isn't any pics! i was too busy towing i guess? Hehe.


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