31 January 2007

Kemensah Secret Trail Via Back Trail.

This is one of the trail I've never taken in Kemensah. The Back Trail starts from Tmn Melawati Phase 6 and it will come out at the pondok in Secret Trail. There were only few people in this trip. Since we're going to be passing by private lands. So we don't want any disturbance caused by a lot of cyclist. It was Pak Mat, Kelolo, Andrew, Kalid, Champion and me who took up this challenge. So we started from Bicycle World as usual at 8am. We cycled through the Phase 6 area and entered to some weird bushes in this area of houses. We went into this loop which was only to make us suffer through this trail. Haha. It ends up at where we started the loop. WTF. Haha. Added some extra milage there. Because of it also I lost my cyclometer. I hate this trail and I hate my cyclometer. ARGH! My cyclometer don't have that proper lock with the base. It fell down a lot. So it deserves it this time. Haha. Anyways, we continued to cycle and cycle. Nothing much to talk about here. Usual deadfalls and bamboos and rocks to put aside. Kelolo had his fall because of didn't lock his rear tire properly. It was pretty much climbing all the way. Then we all reached the usual pondok for Secret Trail. Hehe. From here, we all know how the trail goes right? Then we finished downhilling the secret trail and went straight for the sungai to wash our bikes. Hehe. Pak Mat already went back because he got other important things to do. Here's couple of pictures for you guys.
Pak Mat checking out the area

The view from above
My baby taking her bath

Single speeder found drowned

That's the Kem Ghafar Baba

My baby had her rest

We're getting rid of those leeches
Pak Mat already went back earlier. We took a dip and wash our bike.

My baby loves the beauty around here

Andrew waiting for US to be done

Sexy back

Spot the hidden fakawi


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