25 December 2006

Torturous Travel and others.

For quite some time I haven't been blogging about my mountain biking. As I have nothing significant to talk about for the past few days of not blogging. On the 30th of December I will embark on a journey for myself. A new journey towards the New Year coming. A torturous 150km, 10hours perday of cycling and finishing date at 6th of January 2007. Distance from Butterworth to JB via Tanah Merah, Kelantan. But as for me, I won't be cycling the whole way, I will only cycle half-way through until Kuantan or even earlier than that. I wanna try to just cycle up to 2nd or 1st of January. Too bad I couldn't cycle all the way. I got other commitments to be done. So, I've made those preparations. Changed my BB but then got this other problem. Which is too SHORT! Now I have a problem of my crankset too close to my frame it scratches while making a dent to my frame. Had to remove the 1st chainring at the moment so that it doesn't damage my frame any further. So, now I only have mid chainring and high chainring. Next preparation is to bring few of my sleeveless clothes and short pants since I cannot make myself take up heat too much. Me+Heat=BAD! I also brought my fake Oakley glasses to cycle. Also couple of my small towels and also bandanas. Got myself spare tube, patch kit, tools, cyclometer, gloves and etc. Can't be bothered to list them all out. Haha. Couple of medicines for myself. I wanna enjoy during the cycling at the beach. From Tanah Merah to Terengganu. That's one of the main reasons why I joined my friend to cycle. My friend, Nas, will be cycling all the way to his hometown of course. That is why it is up to JB. Hehe. Middle of the way, we might be joined by Ontot, one of our friends. We'll be meeting him somewhere in Terengganu if I'm not wrong. Will be posting pics of us cycling. It's gonna be heaps and heaps of pics. Man, do you think I will be able to stand the heat to climb uphill of Grik's tarmac? I will be posting my bike by KTMD till Bukit Mertajam Station. Im not so equipped for night ride. I'm quite nervous about that actually. Didn't find any fitted brackets for my HUGE seatpost 31.6mm! ARGH! It's gonna be hot, awesomous, great, torturous, exciting, hell of fun days of cycling. This will be my debut of cycling long distance. Pray to god for me pls.


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