12 December 2006

Octalink BB needed URGENT!

I need a new bloody BB now. Well, as soon as possible but not as urgent. Current one can still be used but its already "totalled" by me. Haha. It's destroyed. The bearings already "makan" so there's some un-smoothness of cycling. Waste energy a lot with it. Octalink V2 if I'm not wrong that I'm looking for. The cheapest I could get is RM60. The real big problem is I DON'T HAVE ANYMORE MONEY! Argh! Anyways, anyone reading this post, please, please help me out getting the cheapest octalink BB okay? Pls aite? Just post up at the chatbox below. If not email me up at shortysdeck85@Hotmail.com Aite guys?

Difference between these octalinks. V1(left) & V2(right).

This is my current BB which is half-destroyed.



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