28 November 2006

Another near crash, skatepark and trail to be done.

Pheuwh! Today, I almost crash again. I manage to control the bike this time because I'm on tar road. The grip was there lah. Thank god. If not I would have been under the "Bas Kilang" engine already. It started when Shah and I cycled back from AU5 skatepark towards section 6 Wangsa Maju. Then, it came to the road where it is very narrow and lotsa cars is around. Shah went to the right side of the road cause he manage to change lane before I did. So, I couldn't change, I kept on cycling on the wrong side of the road and a lot more faster. Then I change lane when I got the chance, Shah was at the back. Then, I'm still cycling fast enough at quite a speed. Around 30km/h. I am at the back of the bus and I see that it's very slow and nearly came to a stop. So I try to overtake with speed but suddenly there's a car turning into the junction which made me hit hard on the brakes and skidded which nearly make me fall sliding underneath the bus but I manage to control and made my left move. I speeded to the left and wait for Shah to come. Man, what's wrong with me and crashes? Before that, I went to the skatepark in AU5 to try out just for fun. It looks like fun to be Dirt Jump or Street Bike MTB. Keke. With my current size frame it would make me suitable for any other MTB categories. Keke. We just went around the skatepark by cycling all over the ramps with speed. But not full speed since it was wet. Kinda scared of slipperiness! Maybe going there again when it's already dried up! And me and Shah decided to create and continue some of the trails found in Section 5 hills up behind the "tangki air". We'll post couple of pictures by tomorrow after cleaning up the trails!


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