29 November 2006

My stupid injury again.

Hmmm.. I never run from injuries do I? This one, I got it just before I arrive at Nathan's shop to install new bottle cage. Then, I was on this curb, it was high, and there was land to actually land a jump. So, I turned around and took a bit of speed and tried to jump but didn't manage to land rear tire first and landed my front tire first. My fork travel to the max and made the bang sound. I almost fell but I didn't. I just stayed on the bike and the pedal smashed my legs from behind and scraped my skin off. That's how it happens. Thank you. Please do again check from time to time of Ober's freakshow of injuries. Until we meet again.
That's what happen if you don't land your jumps right.

How long did that pedal scraped my skin off?
p/s: to the guy who told me to put the captions above the picture. Just didn't work for me. It even confuses me more. Keke. I've tried on my last post. And I don't think I'll be sticking to caption on top. Keke.


Anonymous innocent said...

Ala aku masa kat kampung dulu lagi teruk kena dari kau masa buat kerja sawah... Relaks aaaaaaaaaaaaaa....

11:02 AM GMT+8  

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