09 December 2006

Skatepark Jumps and Kiara: Revelead!

I wish I have pictures for this post but I just can't. Both places ran out of battery! What I mean is, whenever I wanna snap pictures, the battery is out! Dangit! But anyways, at the AU 5 skatepark, just wanna try my new Bunnyhop! Haha, it worked well I guess? But my left and right wrist hurts! Maybe I landed too hard? But the ramp, I almost cleared it. Just waiting for the time of my bunnyhop improved and get the ramp cleared. Keke. Sure hope so! My wrist hurt too much that my veins began to feel swollen badly. The next day, I couldn't moved my left wrist. It hurts so much. Went to seek for my grandmother to "urut" a little bit so that my swollen wrist allows the blood to flow as usual. I ate some traditional medicines from her and poof, today I'm riding Kiara! Haha! How fast is that? Am I another wolverine type of guy who heals fast? Haha. Anyways, today got help from Darryl, a kiara rider all day long and everyday and all days in the week he will ride on Kiara. When I mean everyday, everytime, I really meant it literally! He's just outta of other people's mind. He rides a Haro fs. Me, Kalid and Shah were suppose to meet Joshua from Fakawi but then he feels that it wasn't the right time to ride because of the raining. But we were just too "semangat" to go to break our virginity in Kiara. Haha. So, I just went and looked for other tourist guide around Kiara. Darryl's the guy. He just took us around the chicken loop and down to carnival. He was just taking us to the "Kiara's Beginner" trail aka Carnival trail. It was fun eventhough it was just a short ride. The 1st switchback, made Shah fell. His saddle was too high from what I see. But then, he tried it, not like me; I didn't have the courage yet. Oh yeah, Kalid was riding without this helmet as he left it at Nathan's shop before we left to Kiara. The hill to climb for that carnival trail was already a killer for me but that was just half of it. I was like, hell no, this climb just, is just, just... KILLING ME! Haha! Em, well, I will try to recharge my camera before I come to any rides this time. I will post pics as usual. Dammit!


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