02 December 2006

Something new and setting up for Sunday!

Hi guys.. Got couple of things to write about. I've got new bottlecage, headlight, tire opener & patch kit, bike stand and riser bar. Also I've learnt how to bunny hop! Huhu! Lotsa things happened this week for me too just like it was last week. The bottlecage brand is Zefal and got it from Nathan for RM12. Got myself a new headlight for RM7 and using reflectors brackets to hold it. Just need a headlight for night riding nearby the house. I need to be noticed during night rides man. It's getting dangerous nowdays if I ever get accident at night riding. It's just doing its basic light thing which is getting notice. Not using it for lighthing up the place where I ride. I also got myself a tire opener and bike stand. I will start to service my bike myself from now on. Keke. Starting from the basics lah. Later on, I'm targetting myself for those bike tools. Then I can completely use it and not to even go to the shop for any service. My new riser bar, Easton EA50 works the way I like it guys. It's long and mid rise. It's just awesome. I like it long. Haha. Sounds awkward. Then, later today I've changed my tires for some serious offroading. It' really heavy on tar road to actually cycle it. Haha. But nevermind, its just for tomorrow. Then I've re-tune my RD for even more perfect shifting. Smooth shifting. Em, I've learnt how to bunny hop using Kalid's theory. Huhu, I've got it higher and higher and higher each time I try to do it. Keke. Really waiting for tomorrow. I'll post up the pics here. Waiting for my life to be sucked by leeches and mosquitos tomorrow. Good luck soldier.
Zefal Bottlecage.
Uptown Danau Kota Headlight.
Easton EA50 Riser Bar.
The Whole From Back.
The Whole From Top.
The Whole with its new stand.

I'm porno-ing with my bike.

Going to the prom with my bike.

My Johorean friend Kona Stinky. Envying it.


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