13 December 2006

Kemensah Trail: Secret Trail !

Em, I've gone through hell again today with kemensah trails. And this time is at Secret Trail. Just about to start climbing it, my chain snapped! I'm like WTF! Thank god, Kalid was still there waiting for me. Shah just went too fast uphill! Em, so yeah I snapped my chain really next to the house on that start of the ride. The guy from that house tried helping me. I was like "em, oh pls, don't destroy my bike and my chain and the chain clip"! But he was just helping. There's nothing more than just praying to god that he is helping and not destroying. So, I found out that my chain snapped at the chain clip area, so I just removed the bloody extension of my chain and just connect it back to the original chain(remember that my chain was extended by that Barican Bangladeshi man). Em, so we thanked that guy who tried to help then we continue to climb the hills of secret trail but then it's getting darker and we manage to climb up to 2nd climb then me and Kalid decided it's too late to go further more(it was 655pm). We pull Shah back to the bottom, if we followed Shah's idea, he would just go and go and go! Haha! Anyways, we just downhill that trail with brakes, cuz it's a bit slippery(it was just raining an hour ago). Went back to Nathan's wondering if the shop is still open and it's not. Owh, btw, the ZEFAL bottle cage I bought? It was DAMN CRAP! DAMMIT! It snapped out as well from my bike after a small drop from the curb before going to secret trail. DO NOT! I REPEAT, DO NOT BUY ANY ZEFAL BOTTLE CAGES! It's bad! But I put it back to the plastic bracket. Still, I do not trust it anymore! I think that's about it to talk about. I'm cycling again through this trail. I sure hope no more 'suwey' stuffs happen! Chow!



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