14 December 2006

Bottlecage Zefal = DESTROYED!

It's been only a week with me(riding), it's already destroyed. I brought it back to Nathan and change it back for a NEW one and I'm telling you it's not ZEFAL anymore! It's none branded bottlecage but it is SOLID BUILT! I'm not gonna trust any of Zefal bike items anymore. They're just CRAP! Actually, I didn't intend to exchange my bottlecage for a new one but then "Saleem"(bicycle world mechanic) insist of changing it. Hehe, I was just complaining to him about the brand. Then he brought to Nathan and told him that the bottlecage is crap and changed it for me! Thanks Saleem! Keke! I shall take new pics later! This bottlecage colour is Gold. Huhu!



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