07 January 2007

Day 0: Touring From Taman Perda, Butterworth

My bike.

Nas's Bike.

It is the day before touring. I've been on Langkawi 3 days before the touring. I was fully excited and having pumped up adrenaline to cycle tomorrow. This is it. This is the time that I know how my body would actually stand up to where it should be. From Langkawi's Kuala Perlis jetty, I got into the car and couldn't wait to arrive at the Butterworth train station. I'm biting my lips. I'm gonna meet up with my touring friend, Nas. He's been in Penang since morning. He's with his friend named by Andy. He lives in Taman Perda. I've been there and hung out with cousin before. Hehe. Andy lives in an apartment. Oh my wtf, my english is like pure primary school english. WTF! Haha! Anyways, arrived at Butterworth train station and picked up by Nas. We both go and fetch my lovely bike from the KTMD. Oh my, it's a bit out of its form. My precious! Didn't care about that, so I just brought the bike over to "warungs" where Nas waited for me with Andy. I ordered my usual "Teh Tarik" and just talked about Langkawi and all the crap lah about my bike. Then I've said something about my bike's BB. It needs to be changed at Kulim. Well I told them if I was any earlier, I would have wanted to go and exchange my BB 1st before touring. Then Andy said go ahead lah, call the shop and ask them what time do they close at. And thank god the shop closes at 9pm. We all packed up, Nas paid for the drinks and we all straight went for Kulim. Bla, bla, bla, we exchanged the BB. Thanks to Abg Din VMC Technologies. He gave me such great pleasant service since my 1st purchase with him. Then we all went back to Taman Perda get out dinner 1st and buy stuffs that we needed tonight and tomorrow to be prepared for the touring. Yada, yada, yada, we're all at Andy's apartment. I did some minor adjustments to my bike with the help of Nas. Then we all just put the lights off and took our sleep. Day 1 will be on tomorrow at 3am. Will be posting the next post just after I get my pics from Nas camera. You don't wanna know what happened to my camera.



Anonymous azman said...

wah, intesting blog. syok baca ur travel experience.

actual i just bot a rockbike, bila search your blog kluar.

so wat happen tu your S-ber Rockbike? i bot sebijik mcm tu. I wonder, what happen to that bike?

10:45 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Ober said...

i will post the pics of my s-ber rockbike. it's newly setup and much better and much more lighter than before. :D

8:40 PM GMT+8  

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