31 January 2007

Day 4: Trip to KL. Heaven shines on me.

It's day 4. I didn't even planned it to be day 4 in this tour. I really didn't. I woke up as Nas shook me so that I took my shower. It was 8am. We went out of the hotel for breakfast at 830am. But then Nas asked me to go and ask for any bus tickets. If I am lucky so to get it. With the god's might, I got a ticket home! Huhu! My bus is at 930am. Thanks to Nas encouragement! I was finally got my smile on the dial! Hehe. Had my weird brakefast in Terengganu. I've never tried this breakfast called "Nasi Kepit" or somewhere along those lines lah. It came with 'nasi impit' with 'serunding look alike' but it's sweet. Had my teh tarik as well. So, I got back to the hotel to unload my stuffs and get my bike ready to the bus station. Took out everything from my bike so it fits in the baggage area. Haha. My bike fills up the one whole baggage area. Haha! So, again I shook hands and thanked him for everything asked for forgiveness for anything I did during the touring that may have upset him by on purpose or accidentally. Hehe. So, Nas took off his journey towards Kuantan. I myself will set myself to KL on a bus. Haha! So I arrived in KL around 5.30pm and Bob, my bestfriend picked me up. I am home now. My baby needs the service. And a check on the tire. What's up with it? You know what? There's this tiny winy stapler inside! WTF! I double checked ya know. Didn't find anything! So, it's the end of my journey. My long torturous journey. THE END.

Max Speed 63 kmh!

Total distance 370km! The cyclometer had some misreading. I forgot to press start sometimes cause I made it as manual. 370km from Nas's cyclometer.


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