30 January 2007

Day 3: Jerteh To Dungun. Hell awaits.

It's the last day of my touring. But it isn't for Nas. He will try his best to continue as far as he can. As for me, today is the last. It's the finito for me. Nas woke up at 6am to have his Subuh prayers. As for me, the bed has called upon me to complete my rest. Haha. Left my prayers as I usually does. I'm not proud of it okay? So, 6.45am I finished my shower. Then 7am we were ready. Showered and already stuffed ourself with tuna sandwich. Suddenly, we're about to move out from the chalet room, our stomachs started to scrumbled with very painful feeling inside. Mine just started but Nas's needed the toilet straightaway. He took a ciggie and off he went back straight into the room and had his shit. Mine, came suddenly in a rush. It's about to drop. I was like dammit. Nas is still in the bloody toilet. Thank god, he came out just on time. I left the bikes outside and straightaway let it out of my arse. Haha. When it's all done, we both started to cycle towards K.Terengganu via Kampung Penarek. We started at 7.15am. My 1st destination for bus trip home is in K.Terengganu I hope. Hopefully this 1st January of 2007 wouldn't be a fuss eventhough I know it's going to be. Oh yeah, we've spent our New Year nite and day with cycling. Haha. So, we cycled through Terengganu not looking for anything except the signboards of showing of KMs to arrive Penarek. Here it's quite flatty roads. So, no problem of cycling non-stop 30kmh for 10km at least before taking a rest. As usual, Nas will have his refills of H20 every 20km. The 3rd day, I didn't see him mix Accelerade that much like the past 2 days. All he bought is 100 plus. Maybe it's getting tiring to mix Accelerade everytime his H20 finishes eh? So it's the usual thing you'll be doing the 3rd day of cycling. Nothing extra, nothing different. Then, we started to feel hungry around 930am. We're getting nearer to Penarek. But I was too hungry for energy. Since we had to shit at 7am. I shitted like a lot guys. It's like diarhoea. So we stopped before Penarek and Nas went to buy H20 from kedai runcit and I sat nearby to have my powerbar and powergel. It wasn't really satisfying the hungriness. But I sure hope it would give me energy. By 10am, we reached Penarek had our breakfast. I ate bihun goreng with sotong goreng and Nas had bihun goreng with ikan kembung goreng. Both sotong and ikan was goreng with tepung. Huhu. It's extremely yummy! This satisfies my hunger! Haha. So we finished our breakfast. We pushed our bike to the small road available next to the beach. Hehe. So we snapped our pics there and start to cycle again. I don't bloody remember any of the kampung names now. All I want at that time is to reach K.Terengganu! I want to get home! Haha. My muscles are all like buffed up. Haha. I looked a bit darker as well. I felt like a different person now. Hehe. Anyways, I really couldn't remember what happened else other than re-inflating tire and refilling H20. Oh yeah, there's rain pouring. Now I remember! Haha. I've put on my cheap arse raincoat from the 7 Eleven. And I look like an idiot! Haha, so i'll just cut to the point. We arrived at last at the K.Terengganu! But still it gives me the challenges that I hate which is climbing. FCK! Haha. We arrived there at 1.30pm. It was pretty quick cycle down to K.T. Hehe. Then we arrived at the bus station to ask if there's a ticket to KL. Unfortunately, there's only a bus at 11pm. The bus can't even fit my bike in it. So, no point. I was damn disappointed! My motivation of cycling was just out of d imagination. Nas and me cycle straight ahead for Dungun. It's another destination where express buses always have their stop here. Before heading off, we stopped for lunch at some food court. If I wasn't wrong, it's pantai batu buruk? Whatever lah. I ate Nasi Goreng Daging Merah and a Burger Daging Special. Hehe. A lot eh? Cuz i was really out of energy again. Today is the worst! I've been getting this lack of energy! So, we're all set up! But we both need the toilet to shit again. Haha. So, cycling towards the nearest Gas station and had our shit out there. Haha. Now we continue our cycling journey towards Dungun. It's still raining. I still look like an idiot inside this raincoat. Haha. Now, the best part comes in again. My tire pinch flat. It's totalled! Nas already cycled like was beyond me. I was cycling like 5-8kmh. He cycled like 30kmh. I had to stop and pushed my bike to the nearest bus stop. I've waited for Nas to come back like 15mins! He really have the highest motivation for cycling. Haha. I've tried calling him but he didn't realise my phone calls. I was like. Shit man. What if he just went straight ahead. And forgets about me! ARgh! I have no more spare tubes! Stupid punctures! Feel like suiciding lah! Well, he came back and got his spare tube. I've changed everything. Nas took his ciggie. After all done, we're off to Dungun again. That was the last time I had to re-inflate my tire. Haha. I don't know why it keeps on puncturing at this time. Double checked the tire for any pins, nails or sharp objects but there isn't any. So, we just cycle up to Dungun. We stopped at the gas station for normal refills. The road was packed with cars. Traffic jam like mad. One guy came up to Nas and asked where were we from and all that. They didn't even believed we cycled all the way from Jerteh. We told them we started from Butterworth and they didn't believe it even more! Anyways, the interview was done and we continue to cycle. The traffic jam was really bad. It was all the way for about 15 kms. Just a rough guess. We arrived at Rantau Abang around 7.30pm. We planned to arrive in Dungun around 8.30pm. Hoping so that no more punctures happens. I was cycling at 15kmh - 20kmh. I am really out of energy for cycling. Really cannot continue any faster. At last we arrived at Dungun. Started to look for bus tickets first then a hotel. Hotel was fully booked by outsiders because of the UiTM students just registered for their new semester. Dammit! I got a bus ticket at 11pm. It's a shit bus. Anyways, at least my bike fits in it. That's what the ticket seller said. So, we came across to the last hotel there is, and at last there is a room for us. Our bikes cannot be taken up into the room! WTF! Thank god Nas brought his bike lock. Locked the bike downstairs and taking all our belongings into the room. We took our shower and headed fast towards the nearest restaurant for dinner. They say they ran out of food because of the parents of UiTM students. I was like, WTF? But she said what's left is just drinks, maggi and roti kebab. We both just order each of us a drink, maggi and kebab. Haha. We were bloody hungry! We ate and left the place and went to the bus station to disassemble the bike before the bus arrives. Nas shook hands with me and I thanked him for everything he had done for me. I enjoyed the bloody touring. I thought my journey has come to an end. But woopsy daisy. it isn't! The bus that was supposed to come at 11pm didn't come. I've waited up to 2am! The ticket seller said there was a mistake with the bus. They left the stop without knowing there's people was about to get board on it. The bus is already 1/4 way to KL. I'm like WTF! Dumb assess! I asked for a refund and got it. Called Nas, and thank god he didn't "tidor mati"! I told him all the freaking problem and asked him to help me out with the bike. and I need a place to sleep. He came down and helped me out and went to his room. I couldn't think straight. The guy said, there wouldn't be anymore tickets for the next few days. I was like damn! I'm so dead. I'm so stranded in DUNGUN! I've tried to ask help from my best friends if they could come and fetch me but they can't. They just can't. So I slept. Not knowing what would happen tomorrow.

Refill my water bottle!

Let's breakfast!

Here's Penarek junction.

See the sign.

My stupid tire had to change the tube at last.

Nas cycling by the beach.

Me cycling by the beach.

That's our breakfast.

The beach.

p/s: Cycled 200km today.



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