21 January 2007

Day 2: Continuing from Grik to Jerteh

It's the 2nd day of touring. It's Hari Raya Haji. Nas woke up at 6.30am to check out the taxis if they are available as said by the local and also the hotel management where we stayed at. It was a devastating news for Nas as there isn't any taxi available yet to take us to Jeli or Machang. So, Nas woke me up and asked me to get ready to breakfast 1st. Right after the Raya Haji sacrifices finishes, the taxis should be available for us. Me and Nas went to 7 Eleven to get our breakfast since Mamak stall or any muslim stall wouldn't be opening at this time. If it was, we would have cycled as early as 6.30am towards Jeli. We were afraid of losing H20. So, for breakfast I had myself a mee goreng instant in cup and Nas had two cups of instant noodles. Damn he was hungry. Hehe. But actually one of them didn't taste good so he dumped it. After our breakfast, we went back straight to our hotel room and have a rest while waiting for the clock. Nas said that every single touring for him, he will get stranded which is something like this. We managed to watch two movies while waiting for the taxis to be available. Then it was somewhere around 10.30am we start to pack our things and bring our bikes to the taxi stand. It was freaking hot and we couldn't imagine how we would survive the day without H20 to be available. Even at 10.30am, with the taxis available, no one, i repeat, no one would want to take us across Grik to Jeli and direct to Machang. They say it's too far for them. We're paying you RM130 guys for a distance of 90km++! Goddammit! We're not paying you with our pubic hairs ya know. Around 11.30am, we managed to get a taxi. There's "pakcik" who's always at the taxi stand that I haven't been telling you guys, cuz i kinda forgotten to write about him, anyways, the point is he managed to help us out. Thanks for sorting this out pakcik! Also thanks to my whining of getting stranded in Grik and with my sad puppy eyes. Haha! So we stuffed our bags and bike in the taxi. At around 12pm, we moved from Grik towards Machang. While in the taxi, i put on my mp3 player while having myself like cramped with Nas's bike and my bag. I had my quick sleep. Haha. Nas also went for a nap in the car. For a while in the beginning of the journey, Nas and the driver had a conversation. Nothing much to tell what's up in the taxi journey as I was sleeping. Haha. So, yada, yada, yada, we arrived in Machang as paid. WE WERE DAMN FCKG HUNGRY! Our stomachs has made sounds of beautiful hungriness. Haha. So, we cycle towards K.Terengganu via Jerteh. But our stop would be at Jerteh. Oh yeah, we arrived in Machang around 1.30pm but after assembling my bike and kept on pumping my tire's pressure cuz of I don't know where the puncture is, 2pm we started to cycle again. All my muscle pains and backpains started to wiggling up my nerves again. Oh, it never ends ya know! So, as we cycle looking for warungs or restaurants that is opened for lunch. There isn't any! Till we arrived at this one shop. They say they are closed for today but they have Hari Raya Qurban's giveaways. Huhu! I just went like hurray! We got carbs to burn! So I just ate whateva they gave us. I don't know wtf they gave us. All i know it is cooked in curry. I just everything they gave me on the plate. I don't wanna hurt their feeling by not eating of what they gave us. You know, this thing actually opens up my view towards Kelantanese people. Haha. Won't tell you what it is. So we thanked them for the free meals. And cycle again towards Jerteh. Again and again I have to remind you guys, in this tour, I have an uncountable times of refilling the air in my rear tire. So I won't bother of telling about it again and again. Haha. While we're cycling this time, I've counted lotsa dead animals on the road. Especially those cute "Tikus Padi". They're small and damn cute. They only live in paddy areas. But they just have to be dead. Also, there's a lot of cats and 1 goat died. There's 2 black snakes died as well. Nothing significant after the free meal until we actually arrive at Jerteh. Before that, we took ourself a picture of ourself when we're at the Terengganu entrance welcome gate. We arrived the start of the Jerteh town and I saw there's a bicycle shop. So I guess I could buy myself some spare tubes as I've finished mine! Stopped at the shop and it was a chinese shop. It wasn't a typical chinese shop. It's a Kelantanese chinese shop. They speak as fluent as any normal Kelantanese would. The funny part is I was looking for a spare tube from them. Then the lady asked her little boy to look for it in chinese language. The boy was blur! Then she said in Kelantan dialect and he understands it straightaway. Woah, that's just bloody weird ya know. Haha. But then, there isn't any spare tubes. God dammit! Then, I went out of the shop and they wish me and Nas good luck on our journey. Then we start to look for our cheap accomodation. We arrived around 5.45pm in the town of Jerteh. 1st hotel, no one was around! The hotel was there but no reception desk! We searched where's the desk but still not found. Then, the 2nd hotel we asked, was bloody expensive for even a fan room. RM50! WTF? Then, a guy wanted to help us out by telling us there's a chalet across the road by the river. So we went there, called the number. Managed to get discount for our airconditioned room for RM55. Haha! Take that! Then we took our shower and get out from the chalet to get our dinner. And we went straight back home for another closing down deal with the bed. We planned to get up at 6.30am tomrrow. As we have a real long journey tomorrow and I will end it tomorrow.

p/s: Cycled for about 40km today.

The Hari Raya Haji morning in Grik.

The bridge near Tasik Banding.

Another view of it.

See how high it is.

Grand Tourismo.

Our bike stuffed in the taxi.

Nas in the co-driver seat.

Me, while listening to mp3 player and crushed with the bikes.

The taxi driver.

We arrived in Machang.

Setting up our bikes.


We're going that way.

The sawah padi in Kelantan.

I'm in K.Terengganu!



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