31 January 2007

I am a FRIM virgin.

Yeap yeap. This is my first time riding through FRIM. Me and Kalid took an easy way to get to FRIM which is by car. While others have been cycling all the way from Bicycle World. So, to cut to the chase, it's BORING! For me lah. Haha. We took to the Rover Track and going up the steroid hill and back down to where the steroid hill started. It was definitely hell for me. As I'm not good at climbing. For LIM, the mechanic from Boon Foo's bikepro, he took 5 laps of it non-stop as if it was nothing. That's what we call Lactic Training. Haha. Then after all that, we cycle back using Tarmac to the canteen. And that's about it. I don't know what to talk about FRIM. It's just wasting my virginity.
My bike at FRIM before the Steroid

Kalid at FRIM before the Steroid


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