03 June 2009

Makan dengan company.

This should be my first time eating dinner together with the company. Haha. Usually I would refuse. So, we went to Bangsar for Delicious Restaurant. It was absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS! :)

This is my food. Carbonara Spaghetti. Favourite always. But then, you have to eat it fast, otherwise, you'll sick of it. Hehe. But not me! Hahaha.

Oh, this is my gotta be 2nd favourite food. Lasagna! But this is not mine. Haha. This is Fadzly's. Yummy yummy!

This is Hakim's. It's steak. Dilumuri sejenis kuah aku tak ingat nama dgn potato wedges(yg agak lain masakan dia) di tepi2. Fucking hell! It's the most expensive one on the menu! and fuck yeah! It's good! :D Oh, this is well done steak.

errr, this was Yuki's food. I can't remember the name. Haha.

The Myanmmars ordered some rice meal which was humongous! Full of everything man! Mallar followed the order I suggested. She hates it. Haha.

This is Hakim. Having the time of his life with the steak. Haha.

Mark ate the same thing like Hakim except it's in Medium-Rare. Muwahaha. He hates it. Uh, he can drink that pot of tea like 5 times! LOL!

Yuki, Sean & David. Sean is our new GM. ;)

This is mostly who are in the company who really "pau" makan! Hahaha.

This guy just eat anything man! Hehe.

That's all for now. Lazy to write up too much. Haha. That's why there's a lot of piccies here. Daaaa~


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