04 May 2009

BC Ride: Unwanted happenings.

Huhu. 3rd of May, managed to ride at BC with my lil bro Haziq & also my newest protege Elin! Weehu! Sorry Elin, I was late for the ride, kene beli nasi lemak plak utk adik2 di rumah. Hoho! So, I met Elin around 840am. Hehe. Janji at 8am! Woopsy doo! Elin ada hal at 11am, nak kene menghantar seseorang di rumah tu. Nak dijadikan cerita, baru kuarkan beskal  nak setup, perghh, just realised that my front brakes, the rotor touches my caliper! Zzzzzz. Had to re-adjust for a while. No wonder lah, all these while that the brake doesn't make any buzz-fucking sound when I push my bike. Haha. So, I fixed it, readjust it, and there it goes, the buzz-fucking sound came back! Haha! Then, my front tires plak, baru prasan jugak that the tube actually sudah lari tuneeee. The valve is like diagonal than it's normal straight position! haishhh. Re-adjust that too but not much cause it's hard to move. Pump the tire back. And we're all set to go. Since, it's Elin's first time at Bukit Cermin, Putra Heights, I brought her through the front entry. The pengenalan to Bukit Cermin. Haha. 45 degrees climb! :P Even Haziq had never went through there. So they both got the completion stamp of Bukit Cermin now. Haha. Reached the top. Parked the bike for a while. Rehat2 lah. Elin so pancittt. Haha.

That's my little red riding hood parked near the launching area where races usually take place. Heee. So, before launching, tunjuk lah elin mana chicken run and also the drop is. So that she wouldn't be taking the wrong route. :)

Launched, finished SS1 and we continue towards SS1.5, no stop required. Hehe. Wah, my morphine, I really felt it's performing. Taking turns, and everything, but just before 5.10 launch, the right turn to it, I took it with too much confident that my front tire skidded. Heee. Pushed a bit with my leg and gets through 5.10 and stopped there. Didn't continue to the longkang gap. Hoho. I'm loving this Little Red Riding Hood more now! Woohoo! Then I told Elin, this is how DHers/FRers would be doing. We train in one section over and over again. :D So we did, we repeated the SS1.5 again and again. Hehe.

Until came this one time. Before 5.10, not enough pedal power, it seems that my chain dropped. SIGH! Then, again I tried, 2nd time, and guess what, same place just before 5.10. This happened.

Cam haremmm. Tayar pancitttt! Selama 10 bulan dah aku ride kat Bukit Cermin ni and selama 10 bulan jugak aku pakai tube maxxis DH 2.5 neh, ni lah FIRSTTTTT time terjadi kebocoran! LOL! Haha. Aku pun tatau kenapa tapi aku tak pernah bocor ever since aku start ride balik as a DHer masa bulan 7 tu! Haha.

This is how my little red riding hood looks like with the punctured tire. Haha. Fuck! And then, came down another unwanted happenings.

Haha, my lil bro had his puncture as well! LOL! And at the same time, if I wasn't wrong it was Fadzlee kan? (haha. sorry lah if I got this wrong) He punctured his tyre as well. LOL.

Dah siapp! Tak tukar tiub pun. Just tampal balik the kebocoran! Thanks for the help of ROP geng and also Fadzlee(if I am right lah, haha.) for the removal of my tire. Sudah lama tidak cabut itu tayar daaaa. :P As for Haziq, we also tampal lah. Haha. Didn't bring any spare tubes oh!

And sorry to Elin, cause it has passed wayyyy 11am. It was like 1140am! Ick, sorry, sorry! Hehe. Last2 sambung ride lagi. Hoho. Then we went to the new section that the BCRiders has cleared. Hoho! Seems like fun. So I went and tried it. Hoho. Guess what? The next unwanted happening lah jadi! Haha.

Looks little, but it hurts like a bitch! Haha. How it happened? So the new part of SS1 they created was linked back to SS1.5 which seems nice and comfy! Hehe. So, I just tried lah, normal speed, not too fast, not too slow. But then towards the end, the part where it connects the SS1 & SS1.5, I managed to clear it, but the loose gravels, and I think I accidentally front brake while my fork travelled to it's most and the loose gravels somemore, I THINK, I flipped over the bike. I didn't remember what happened lah as usual. Haha. But after the fall, I was grasping for air! I couldn't breathe man! I was real fucked in the ribs! Haha. I was like, "Huuuurrgghhhhhh" in an ugly ugly bigfoot voice. I managed to bangun kejap from the fall area, and I just put myself on the launcher of SS1.5. Lying down there. Still gasping for air, the BCRiders helped me to take out the helmet and everything. I was still "hurghhhhh". Then they started to ask saket mana, I couldn't even speak out the words mannn! I said like "RIBSSSSSS" but in that ugly bigfoot voice, so it doesn't sound at all like RIBS. They're like, "saket perot?", "saket tangan?", "tangan ok?" all that lah, except the ribs! Haha. But I manage to catch some air, and said properly, RIBS. Haha. Then, Zure came to inspect I don't know what, but he picit my toes and I said yes I felt it. No prob I said. Hehe. And then when I manage to breathe normally, I just got up and sat nearby Elin & Kay. Hehe. Elin said I looked pale at that time. Haha.

Ni lah tempat kejadian. Before the SS1.5 connects to this new section of SS1.

The loose gravels. See? Fuck it! Haha. So aku dah rasmikan tempat ni dengan kejatuhan aku. Yazid & the gang dah nak panggil ini "Drop Ober" LOL! :P

So sudah sampai masanye ku pulang kerana Elin sudah mengatakan mari pulang, tunjuk jalan. Hehe. Well, I had to see Shubby at 230pm pun. So, off we went back home.

Little Red Riding Hood of 3rd of May ride, she got her first scar. Heee. :)

That's Elin's bike. Jamis. Huhu. Soon to be DH bike. :P

And that's my bro packing up his stuffs. :)

Sorry ye Elin! Mintak maaf kerana kelewatan ini menghantar anda pulang ke bawah Bukit Cermin. Haha. :P Adios guys! Sampai sini je suwey ride aku kali ini. Baru pikiaq nak review ride for this Little Red Riding Hood, but I am not able yet to take this review to its full extent. Hehe. So, tunggu je lah until I get the proper riding feeling to it. Haha.

Oh, badan aku pada hari ini, sangat saket cam cibai. My right arm cannot lift more than 40%. Penuh calar balar. Quite deep cuts. Haha. Lutut kiri dan juga my ankle feels like shit too. Huhu. Then, the area where I THINK I hit my handlebar, really hurts right now whenever I cough or something like that lah. Heh. Nak check doc pun, gaji tak masok lagi. Haha. Haremmmm! Tengok lah, lagi 2-3 hari, kalo saket cam shit lagi, mmg aku nak doctor check la en. Heee.


Blogger Azrene said...

huhuhuh.....gi check doktor la oberrrrr...degil toi budak nihhh

5:08 PM GMT+8  
Blogger flatfinger said...

rider otai jatuh tuh takder hal..aper la sgt jatuh dr langgar pokok...power ober ni...skrg dah ada pelapis 2 org...

cik azreen..blog anda telah di link kan..sekian mekasih...

10:12 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Azrene said...

huhuh...terima kasi ye flatfinger...

5:00 PM GMT+8  

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