12 February 2009

JBDH Race: Mt. Austin

HAHA. I haven't been updating my blog since ages eh? MALAS! that's the key word oh! haha. but now I feel like updating it! :P

I shall start my update from my JB DH Race. Hehe. Got lah couple of pics and stories to tell.

So, the JB DH Race, er, wait, i've forgotten the date. Haha. Let me check at the forums. :P

oh okay, it's on 7th & 8th of Feb. 7th is the practice day and 8th is the race day! and 9th is cuti day! haha. so sedap lah.

so me, duan and hezri are all pumped up for this race. we actually going to get ready by 6th of Feb. So we planned to use Duan's Kelori aka Kenari as it would be cheap to use his car. Fuel efficient! huhu. Duan will need to pick me and Hezri up at Puchong. Huhu. So, I drove my car back to Puchong with my bike & my stuffs. Leave up in Puchong house and went to pick up Hezri ma boi at home, for him and me to be at Puchong so that Duan would pick us up there. While waiting for Duan, me & Hezri planned to stop by in Melaka at A Famosa housing(Hezri's accomodation) before continuing to JB. Since it's only me & Hezri who will be driving. Haha. (notice that only me & Hezri has license! :P) Penat oh keje!

Suddenly while waiting for Hezri to abes mandi, si Duan msg "Woi, kite takde kete ni, sepupu aku nak pakai kete gi amek mak mertua dia", GODDAMMIT! haha. Will the plan to JB fail? Well, it seems like I'm going to use my car! Dammit! Even Hezri couldn't use his car cause he already pass over the car to this lil bro for the weekend use! dayum! so, my car it is, extra cost a bit lah since we're using this MPV right? hehe.

So, now, we HAFTA go back to Setapak and pick up Duan! -_-" malas oh!

So the plan changed from RM50 seorang to RM100 per person! haha. But of course this is just budget di luar kawasan sikit lah. :)

Okay, load up basikal Hezri into Naza Citra and bags, forward to my house and did the same thing. Now, drive gi umah Duan amek dia plak. Pasang the bikerack and load Duan's Stinky onto it. Huhu, it seems like me and Hezri are the crazy fuckers using hardtail for Open race! haha.

Ritey o, from Setapak to Melaka, Hezri is driving. Ngantok already oh! After we took Duan, feeling like nak market plak kat Mali's Char Kuey Teow. haha. So kiterang singgah jap Mali's siap parking depan2 Mali. Haha. Baru market! Dah Hu Ha, menum2, cuci mata bagai2, we all set to go now! huhu.

Drive punya drive, sampai lah kat A Famosa. Tidor lah tros. Ngantok woah! Zzzzzzzzzzzz!

Bangun pagi, ingatkan nak bangun awal lah kononnye, so that bley start practice run pepagi sket kat JB tu. Hahahaarammmm!  sume bangun, lek lek je lagi. haha. aku plak kene check up on car dulu, tgk ape yg kurang ape yg lebih. hehe. enjin sume cun, tayar je kene pam minyak sket. hehe. eh silap, pam angin!

So, we're all up and showered, shoot tros JB, takde breakfast pun. While I was driving, Yazid & BC Riders already starting to contact Hezri asking wherebouts. So, PAGOH R&R is where we stop to eat for BRUNCH and wait for Yazid & the gang. :)

Makan2, minum2, rokok2, sume siap, gerak gi JB, Mt. Austin. Dah kol brape dah neh? Kol 1pm okay! :PP

Bla, bla, bla around 2.30pm sampai lah kat Taman Daya. We've been seperated from Yazid & the gang already. We checked in to our cheap hotel. haha. Put our bags and stuffs. Change attire & straight to Mt. Austin! ZOMG, it's already 3.30pm! Haha. Ni pun siap ada sesat2 lagi. Kene call si Ipin(POH), nak dapat direction gi situ. Haha.

4pm, packing out the bikes. Tu pun dah start malas2. Haha. So packing out the bike and met VOIVOD! LYN forum member! hehe. He took our pics a bit. Then went off. He said his bike need some adjustment. Therefore couldn't join the race! :(

Okay, then we're up and go. Salam2 dgn orang2 yang patot. Hehe. Pushed the bike to the top of Mt. Austin hill. Woah, gile mepek oh the Road Gap eventhough quite confident to take it. Hehe. :D ye lah, kiterang kan Hardtail. :PP

Sumpah, licin! haaaa? Cane leh licin? It's because of sandy conditions! pergh. Kering gile nak mati! Tak ujan langsung dah dierang kata! Adoyai, aku dah lah tak suke licin berpasir neh. Naik motor pun kalo berpasir kat simpang2 tu, pun dah bising en? :P haha. So, start lah riding section by section. Met Ayman aka Huh? from LYN forum as well. Hehe. Aku blom pape dah malas nak ride, penat dow drive tadi. Dah lah petang. haha. Kemalasan tahap cam sial. So, kirenye tak praktis lah senang cite! hahahahahahaha. Starting the practice with Duan who already went to I don't know where the fuck. Haha. So, left me, Hezri & Ayman with couple of other riders. Start turun pun dah licin, cam haram, tak leh speed langsung trail ni! haha. Then, started with one small launcher(we lose speed here) then a small drop. Then we encounter the first shit of the trail. A fucking no speed turn! A real sharp turn! Fucking hell. After the sharp turn, u go straight for a small drop which is fucking slippery as fuck then continued with a launcher that you need to whip your bike if you want speed. Haha.

So, it took me AGES, to go thru that sharp turn at the correct body position and speed. haha. So, I managed to get down through the sharp turn and straight for the drop, and what did I get? A "OH FUCK!" face. Haha. Cause it's slippery and quite a small space. I ATE the tree. Thank god that I had a reallllllyyyy slow speed! haha. :P

Right after that, Ayman eats the dust. Hoho. At that time, I was like, fuck, I have no guts now to go on practicing more cause of the tree. Haha. I pushed again from the top and till the tight turn, I was like fuck, haha. Couldn't do it anymore. I pushed my bike aside. Haish, then somehow I followed Hijau(a rider) to the top again, maybe I can get that confidence again. Haha. But it seems I didn't! Haha. Mampos. Ayman already took off riding down to the end. He ended the ride. He was too tired. Riding from morn to dawn. It's already 6pm and I still haven't tackled all of the obstacles! I'm so fucked! :P Hezri & Duan also tah ke mana.

Last2 tolak je lah kat tight turn tu. Dgn drop after that. Tengah trauma! haha. Then, ada this one small gap right after the small launcher yang after the drop aku makan pokok tu. So, this one pun susah gak. Nampak senang tapi couldn't get the speed cause membuang basikal ke kanan bile kau melaju. Haha.

Gap tu blasah je lah, tapi sangkut. Then ada this small root drop. No confident as well. Tolakkkkk. Haha. Then kayuh sket sampai this rock garden, belasah je. Tak carik line pun. Dah hilang mood and tengah traumatised. Haha. Tengok plak the kecuraman bukit nak turun before the famous road gap! haha. HARAM! Tinggi gile nak mati! haha. Tapi turun gak lah. Tinggi tu satu hal, nak budget beskal masok ke titi tu satu hal lagi. Haha. So, lepak jap lah kat road gap tu. Tgk sumerang main situ cane. Oh, Zure, broke AGAIN. Ouchy ouch. heeee. Then dia straight to hospital lah. Ape lagi en.

Dah habes tengok turun this off chamber yang cam haram gak lah tinggi. Hahaha. Aku brake2 je le. 3rd section ni aku lalu skali je. Sampai kat kete,  tros pack je. hahaha. Duan tunggu lama gile kat bawah. haha. Sama Hezri. Hezri pancit2 tayar pun aku tatau! haha. Dierang pk aku dah cam training gile babas kat atas tu, padahal, TRAUMA! Haha. Takot! Sume bende pun tolak je beskal! Haha. Haram tol!

Aku dah pk pk, camne nak harungi neh esok race! nyesal plak datang lewat2. Hahahahaa. So malas pk, aku just tros balik hotel lah. We all were tired. Planning to get dinner at kedai burger ontot at Taman Air Biru, Pasir Gudang. :D Lama oh tak makan burger dia!

So we went to kedai Ontot, si Ipin pun ada dgn bebudak PG yg biase lepak kat kedai ontot tu. Hehe. Dok kat kedai ontot, bley lagi layan video2 NWD tu. Haha. Aku plak baca2 magazine MBUK dgn borak dgn Ipin psl kelicinan trail itu. Haha. Ipin jadi marshall je esok, kaki dia injured pasal XC. Adoyai. Tak leh ngayuh! Saket oh katanye! Lepak2 sambel tunggu adik Hezri yg dok kat PG gak. Lepak punya lepak, makan2 banyak gile, dgn minum2 tak ingat brape gelas tah dah. Haha. Kol 1am. Ipin pun beransur. Aku tgk num plate kete myvi dia tu. CISDEL! 661. Haha. Tak pernah aku terpk num plate sebegitu. Haha.

Kiterang pun berangkat pulang ke rumah. eh, silap. Hotel. haha. Ye lah, suppose we actually lepak umah NAS tapi dia plak ada hal sket kat KL. Tu tersasul sket. :PP

Kiterang sampai bilek je, aku tros padam. Haha. Penat! Nak standby esok kat race venue kol 830am! Duan & Hezri plak bley melayankan PS2 lagi tu. Adoi! Haha, citer race? Kite sambung next postttt! :D


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