22 April 2009

Little Red Riding Hood!

Too lazy to continue on the JB Race DH post yet. Haha. So, I'm gonna tell you the story of my Banshee Morphine! :P

Hehehe. She's Banshee Morphine. Her name is Little Red Riding Hood! :D Let's just say this Red Riding Hood, really burnt the hole in my pocket! Haha!

Chief suddenly text me that my long awaited Banshee Morphine frame has arrived in KLIA, should be one or two weeks more to be able received it in his hands! :D Thanks chief for bringing in my frame! Wuhu!

So, I went and pick up from Chief after a week plus since he told me. He's like "holy fucking cow, it's a monster frame" haha. Well, IT IS! It has fucking large chainstay, headtube and everything! And it's as heavy as a FULL SUS FRAME! ZOMG!

It's all set to be assembled right away that night! Mr. Kelolo has been assigned to be assembling thee bike! :D He is more than willing to help out. Hehe. Thanks Mr. Kelolo! Thanks Toyol for the picsssss! Weeheee!

Look at this headtube size. NS(Nightstalker) went like WTF seeing it on the forum! Haha.

So my dear Jenny Da Bomb XLR8R gonna be disassembled and transfered to my new Little Red Riding Hood. You have served me well Jenny! :D Thanks for the rides and also races of BCDH #2, BCDH #3, JBDH & KDD #5! :D

Look at her. Look at my Little Red Riding Hood. Isn't she a fat arse beauty? :D

Putting in the headset. Eventhough it's sealed bearing, it is recommended to put a bit of grease to it. Hehe.

Voila! Now it's looks more like a bike now aye? :D

We are also being served with theseeee.

Sudah kira siap lah neh! :D
Malas tol aku bile blog dah mula tukar2 format. Malas nak gi carik coding dia. Haha. So, ada lain sikittttt je sejak pemasangan di rumah kelolo! Hehe.

Haha. White Husselfelt Riser Bar. :D And these are the two of my baby who made me only can live on rm10 per day. Haha.

Little red riding hood and my Epiphone Junior LP whom I called the little black bitch. :D


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