22 April 2009

JB DH RACE: Race Day!

Haha. Finally I've got my mood to write this. But then this is my after office hours and I'm still at the office trying to complete this post. So here goes, it should suck. Haha.

So this is how I looked like during the race for the 1st seeding. Haha. Yes, an XC rider who is lost in this DH race. Tights baby! Borrowed from Hezri. Hahaha. And the jersey thanks to Kalid. :)

This race had like 1 seeding and 2 final runs. One awkward but fun I guess. But it's damn tiring oh! Oh, remembered that I scared like a fucking chicken can't do all the shit obstacles right? Hehe. When it comes to the race, somehow it's different. Haha. Oh, the reason I race in XC fitting? Cause I know im gonna lose already. Haha. So all in all, it's for fun. hihi.

So, it was my turn to go lah. Cam haram. Jantung dup dap. With the first race to have this Tag Heuer official timing, I even went more bananas. Haha. So, I started as the same thing I did for practice day. Then came to the friggin tight turn, I was like "just fucking go for it. come on! this is a race, u wanna push the bike down? WTF is that!" I just Zoom! No prob! Then straight for the drop! No prob as well! ZOMG! What went into me? Haha. Then the small gap, still I couldn't get the ride line to get the speed, so rear tire stucked. hehe. Nvm bout that. Behind me was this Transition Hijau (alah, aku lupe nama kau! :P) so I was like trying to get as far as I can from him! hahaha. That's why lah kot I get the courage.

Now, I'm at the section where I saw there's this root drop part, I just went "Zas!" no prob! pedal for the bridge into the rockgarden. Line lari sikit. Haha. Brake mampos. Tade speed. Then, I went to the S section before the road gap. Penat oh! Tu pun turun dengan selamba nye. Haha. No more gayat2. Haha.

But then the road gap wasn't taken by me yet. Didn't have the courage to pull it off yet. Then, go through the off chamber quite high speed yet braking. Haha.

Yada2, after the off chamber is just all the way pedal to the end. It was an okay lah. Cause I manage to get through all of the obstacle except the road gap. hehe. so rehattttttt one hour as told by Ramesh the organizer. :)

Okay, #1 Final run is up. I'm on it baby. Sume sama je. No prob except I felt faster lah. Entah kenape. Setan masok pale. Haha. Sluar pun dah tak pakai tights. Now fitting in the jeans. Haha.

pic@lone thanks for the pic. :) This is at the bridge before rock garden. nampak laju en? Tak pun! hahaha. So, rockgarden was a bit better. Then, I went to the high speed for the road gap baby! Guess what happened?

Golek dog lah! Ape lagi! Hahaha. Adalah kesilapan2 teknikal seperti terlalu penat untuk pedal down the hill for the gap! Dayum!

See how that my body somehow already knows that I'm gonna fail on this and I've already make my body moved to the right handside somehow. Too tired I guess. :)

This is Hezri taking the road gap. Not enough speed as well. Didn't clear it but then stablised the landing. Hehe.

Another pic of him. I'm not sure of which is the picture relates to which seeding, #1 Final or #2 Final. Haha. :P

Haha. This is my picture in the ambulance. Tengah biol2. :P Everyone was like WTF, he should have cracked his ribs or whatever. But I came out as nothing. I mean no evidence of accident. LOL!

My dear Jenny, sorry for the crash! I'm so sorry! Didn't mean to hurt you!

So, during that time of my concussion for a while, haha, I just waited for the right time for me to cycle towards the end. Cause I wanna continue this race. :) This one marshall was like "Kau mmg berani lah hentam gap ni! Ni pasal kau hardtail! Kau mmg gempak!" Haha. Kata2 semangat. Encouragement! Tu lah pasal aku nak sambung the race. The ambulance people was like "Are you sure you want to continue?"

#1 Final was like 9mins something. Haha. Aku malas nak bukak balik result2 ni. Nenanti je lah. hahaha. Aku just nak cite je.

Then #2 Final, aku pushed the bike lah back up. Super tired. Super thirsty. Saket sket bahu tu. Huhu. Pedih2 jatuh gap tadi. hehe. Ni aku kureng sket lah speed kat section atas2 tu. Fobia sat. Haha. Road gap pun tak amek. Pas off chamber yg lepas gap tu kan cam, ada left turn uh? Thanks to ARMJIN. These pics were taken. Cam pro sial!

Haha. I had fun oh this race! Dah abes race, makan2 beb! Element JB mmg terbayek! Thanks guys! BBQ was delicioussss! :) Then came in the lucky draw and guess what? I won myself a full face 661 helmet. Hehehehehe! Lucky me & 88! :P

That's all folks! Malas nak cite panjang dah! Hehe. Sudah masa aku pulang dari office! Tata!


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