04 May 2009

Krispy Kreme!!!

ZOMGZ! Krispy Kreme is in townnnnnnnnn!!! Glazedddddd donutsssss! Wuhu!

I bought a whole dozen and two more dozen by my family. Weehu! Well, the WHOLE DOZEN was only meant for me & phateen. and also the rest of her family. huhu. saje bagi manusia lain jua merasai keindahan Krispy Kreme!

Sewaktu donut itu baru sampai. Wuhu! Aku saje packing a dozen into half dozen packings! Hehe. Sbb aku dgn fatin that night planned to eat the donut with me while having some drinks. :D So, stengah nak bagi family dia and stengah to us. But then only end up eating 3 & I brought back 3 donuts.

Glazyyyyyy donutsssss! *donutsssss dgn accent homer simpson*


Blogger doriyuckey said...

phateen? awek baru kaaah? ngeeee:P

5:45 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Ober Frederiksen said...

kawan. sile baca blog. kawannn.

5:49 PM GMT+8  

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