09 May 2009

One move nearer to catalogue.

Haha, I'm so obsessed of my little red riding hood to look like in the catalogue. LOL! So, I had my bike a little change.

Haha. A white saddle. The same brand as my old one. MBK. Comfy as hell. Haha. But don't know how long it's going to last cause actually the red one, I broke the railings already. Haha.

And I won't be riding for a month now. Those wheelset u see there? It's gonna be in the shop, tru it, do whatever it must be done and I'm gonna sell it by Monday! :(

Oh, 9th of May 2009, I ride with Bob & his two friends(which I totally didn't remember the name) haha. sorry oi! :P imma goldfish guy!

So, we had a BC ride again. I wanted to see the wallride that I heard it is being made there. In the morning, couldn't ride as I had to service my car. I didn't even sleep well. I slept at 5am cause of jamming with my band and woke up at 8am to send the car for service!

After the service & car wash, came back home, slept for a little while more. Really can't tahan anymore. Penat oh! Then 3.30pm txt Bob to tell him that make it 4pm cause I had to buy new tube and thee new saddle. Hence the white saddle. Ekeke.

Pushed the bike up at 5pm cause I had to have my lunch power. Haha. Kapow! Lapar oh! Makan roti canai and bandung je pn! So, we head up to BC through the trail cause wanna show the new trail lah to them. :)

I went to see the wallride. It's not finished yet. Wow, incredile. :) Great job BC guys!

Then we ride lah. I don't know what to write about the ride other than I'm just too bloody tired. Hahaha.

At the River Drop of BC.

And a video of my new friend doing the River Drop.



Blogger flatfinger said...

makin hensem beskal itu...cam best je saddle tuh...sedap yerk??? tak sakit muntot ka???

1:39 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Ober Frederiksen said...

tak saket woh! mmg sedap nak mampos!

9:56 AM GMT+8  

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