22 June 2009


Hahahaha. Gile lah! I did it man! I did it guys! :) XC race with my Banshee bike & jeans with sleeveless. Hahahaha. I've placed myself at 41st out of 51 with 2 riders DNF. Well, at least I kicked couple of XC riders arse! Haha. I was actually thinking of bottom three. Haha. I did it with 15mins 59secs of the total loop which is full of pushing. Hahaha. I let 3 riders passed me by. Hahaha.

I started it out badly. Bump by rear tire to the curb and chain dropped to granny. Not used to it which made pedalled like a cartoon road runner. Hahaha. Fedup and got off the bike pushing! Hahahahahaha!

Ah, it's just nothing to be told but just picture. Pictures courtesy of Rudy! :D

Oh I went to the race with Shah & met Rudy there cause he just live in front of the KDCF trail. Haha. Malas nak tulis pepanjang. I'm updating all the posts with one day posting. Hahahaha.

Little red riding hood with XC helmet. ;)

The Banshee territory. :P

Shah was interviewd by RTM2 about this event. :)

Shah sudah hampir start. -_-" pressureeee!

Saya sangat bersemangat! Gemok sial aku!

Sangat happy nak start! Haha. Fino kat blakang je. Kuda besiiii!

Last part before ending the race. Muka tahan berak takde nafas!

Malas nak cite banyak. I enjoyed the race eventhough it was a hot hot day! Haha. XC race. I'll see you more! :D

Additional picturesssss ;) Thanks to Cougarrr/Fakawi!

My ass is smoking hot! Haha. But later on I pushed my bike! Haha.

Struggling as fuck brada! Hahahaha.

Gile lah konon cam sprinting! Hahahaha.

Di manakah tuan Morphine?

Chief checking out the heavy thick arse morphine. The unbreakable frame! :D


Blogger sick said...

saya tak kuat mcm abang nak habiskan race ;)

12:53 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Ober Frederiksen said...

hahaha. sipak kang. :P

12:30 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Dinraxxx said...

Walau weh,Muka Shah dah merah dah.Meletup la jap lagi masa race.haha.Pehal tak ajak masa race?

11:42 PM GMT+8  

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