07 June 2009

Super V Ipoh race: Part 1

Muwahahaha. The title itself doesn't even tell what I actually did in Ipoh! LOL! I didn't make it to the race. I SLEPT TOO MUCH! WOKE UP LATE! REALISED THAT I COULDN'T MAKE IT TO THE RACE! Geeeezzzz! The story? It's like this.

I started the morning of Saturday to come to Ipoh. Planned it to take off at 5am in the morning so that I could arrive in Ipoh for the morning training. But then, the night before, I couldn't assemble my bike. The cassette previously on my old wheelset couldn't fit onto these new ones. -_-" I had to buy a new cassette which leads me to Mr. Lim Puchong Bikeshop. Aye yoe yoe~ Had to postponed my trip to 930am morning as I have to come to Puchong at 8am for the service. ;( Picked up Sara at 7am something at her house & we had breakfast around her housing area and went back to my house since I've forgotten the papers I've put on plan for this Ipoh trip & back to Puchong plan. Haish.

Mr Lim fixing my cassette and checking out the tune as well. Tighten my cockpit as well. Sunrace 9 speed road cassette.

Just a preview of my macmhone King 120 rear hub sounds like. Hehehe. :P

930am I moved from Lim's Bikeshop, heading towards Ipoh highway through the Elite Highway. I had sing with the cd turned on since Sara has been sleeping since the breakfast to Puchong and to Ipoh. All the way man! She sleeps like no one's business! Ngeee~ Got couple of traffic jams during the way to Ipoh, got some problematic ginjal of mine which I had to pee at every R&R! LOL! Haha.

Arrived in Ipoh by 1230pm. Heading towards hotel straightaway. Hotel Lotte. Not bad lah the hotel but I was pissed with the small ass fucking parking cause it scraped my car paint! Same place as where the previous accident happened! Fuck! Hahaha. Took a rest for a while in the hotel and 130pm me & Sara start to move on for the lunch also for me training at Super V track.

We arrived somewhere near Tesco 18. Haha. WTF. I basically have lost my touch in Ipoh. For a year plus I didn't jalan2 in Ipoh. Haha. Tapi jumpa lah tempat makan there. I ate Nasi Ayam Madu & Sara ate Bihun Sup Penang. She loiked it VERY MUCH! :) As for drinks, the shop accidentally sent Sara a corn juice but sedap lah according to her. I just had sirap laici yang tak sedap. Haha.

Nasi Ayam madu bersama Air Sirap Laici yang tak sedap.

Sara punya Bihun Sup Penang bersama Air Jagung yang sgt sedap kata beliau.

Dah habes tu, I asked the shop for help the way to Tambun. Haha. I kinda got lost. He just told me about Sunway City sign & Giant sign. Wow, very helpful. Thanks A LOT! :P

Hentam je lah the jalan to Tambun. Called HTR Ahmad. At last, proper way to get to the track. Haha. Arrived there with no one around except for some Penang Riders!

Little Red Riding Hood made her first step at Super V DH track. ;)

This is how hot the heat at Super V DH track. Fuh~

Met Hafiz Norco & the rest of the BCriders & some other usual riders, borrowed Yazid for his gloves as I left mine at home. WTF. Haha. Then we had to push from bottom to the top as usual for the DHers. It would take you roughly 30-45mins of pushing. Fucking hell of pushing! I hated it! Grrrr~ Haha. Didn't bring any water together so I was like a dog. *imagine dog with its tongue out* Reached the top. Wow. Nice scenery.

Tinggi giler sial. Sama level bukit2 yg ada sekeliling Ipoh. It was like 176m elevation? LOL!

Hehe. Super V track from the top.

Full of shit. Hahahahahaha.

Riders all at top. Effing tired!

Then I just ride down the trail. I really rolled down the trail. Too lazy to hentam. Too tired. Been driving since morning. Been tortured pushing up the hill with the incredible heatness. They need to find a way for a lift up! Couldn't bear it anymore. It was Maghrib anyways. Had to take just one run & finalised it.

Then, finished the riding. It was definitely one run. Packed up the bike. Sara was already awaked. She continued sleeping in the car while I was riding up there. Went back to the hotel to take my shower. Brought my little red riding hood into the hotel room. ;)

Became my towel holder as well. Haha.

Rehat2 with Sara till 12am then we went out to take our dinner. ;) Makan tengah2 malam. Mmg carik pasal. Nak gemok ke? Hahaha.

Kiterang makan kat Medan Selera ape tah. Quite near to our hotel. Makan Nasi Goreng Kampung, Kuey Teow Goreng dgn Satey 10 cucuk. Kuey teow dia je kot bley bg thumbs not so up. Haha. The rest is crap. Haha. Better luck next time in choosing the shoplots.

OKAY GUYS, HAD TO WRAP IT UP HERE FIRST. Tooooo lazy to continue on the rest of the trip story. It'll be long and full of piccies. ;) So, this is the first part. Hehe.


Blogger Lord_darkslide said...

aper tak pm i kat lyn,ckp ko dtg sabtu ptg.. buleh la aku bwk pegi makan tmpt best sikit... hehehhehe

10:27 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Monkey said...

sengal dh ko ni...
1 day b4 race br nak betulkan bike ko..
ko race x aritu??

2:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Ober Frederiksen said...

darkslide: hehehehe. lupe la geng nak pm. ingat bley online kat hotel. tetgk wifi dia cam haram. hahaha.

monkey: tak race daaaa. bkn br nak betolkan. aku BARU dapat wheelset. haha. so, tak langsung aku takde masa. marahkan KSH!

7:09 PM GMT+8  

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