14 July 2009

Part 2: Kuching.

Woke up in the morning of Kuching in Matt's house in Tabuan Dayak. ;) Lorong sembilan to be specific. Woke up, called Hafiz & Hakim to wake them up for breakfast in Kuching. I took my shower and get ready.

We went to Selera Fatima for our breakfast. Uh, I had Mi Sapi & nescafe as usual. And side dish of Pau Mentega! Yummmm~

The menu available from the shop. But I didn't really care! Haha. Mi Sapi! :P


Mi Sapi ku! Oh sedap! Sungguh menggiurkan!

Pau mentega! Tidak ada di Semenanjung! Sedap sial! :D

Teh 3 Lapis di Sarawak namanya. Kat semenanjung, dierang panggil Teh Ombak. Huhu. The taste is just the same as normal tea. Just the beauty of it. See how Hafiz is impressed by it. Kekeke. :D

Then we headed for Sarawak's Museum. I really love museums! Yeah, yeah, some would say I am lame. But I do have fetishes for Museums since I was small. Haha. Fetish! Eyuwh! Hahaha.

I am by the side of a Killer Whale skeleton! Woah, they have Killer Whale!

This is the decorated Elephant's skull! Woah. So damn creative to do so!

Me, Hafiz & Hakim pictured under the skulls of the dead ones.

X marks the place. :D

We've been to Sarawak Museum! One of the places that is needed to complete the visit of Kuching. :)

Bergambar at a kubur. Haha. Giler. Oh yes, that wood thingy is a grave.

Now, we've finished the Sarawak Museum. We went to have our lunch with one of a fellow Hammers that I wanna meet in Kuching. I never knew him, I've never talked to him, I've never ever did any communication with him before. This is the first time. Wow, he is a very good West Ham fan. He is forever blowing bubbles! We have promised to meet at Chillipepper's in Rubber Road.

This is our way to Chillipepper's. Sesat kejap. Haha.

So we arrived at Chillipepper's and met Abang Affandi, one of the greatest West Ham Fan in Malaysia I would say. He's been to Upton Park twice! He was wearing a Fila West Ham Polo direct from Upton Park. OMG. He is just sensational. Oh, he is also the deputy mayor of South Kuching city! Oh my. So we all ordered our foods once arrived. It was lunch time so you know how packed of people it would be.

Mi Jawa. This is what I had to order to complete the delicacies in Kuching, Sarawak. Hehe. Yet, I need to taste Manuk Pansuh which I haven't! :( Well, next time! Hmmm.

Teh C Special. Got gula melaka down there. Woah, memula drink it rasa cam cendol then tetibe rasa teh. Wow. But it wasn't my type of drink. Haha. Sorry! :P

Then, Abang Affandi told us the story how he started liking West Ham. During the ups & downs. He started to ask what we do, how we live our lives. Then he told us about his family as well & his job. He also said why didn't we go for rainforest. We told the reasons. He said it's a waste that you don't go! Have fun there! Geez, im like damn man. But guess what? I DID WENT ABANG AFFANDI! :D

I'm with an otai of WHU fan! I'm just another noob for WHU. Haha. X up!

This is his car. Hammers loyal supporter! Oh well, thanks for the food dear Abang Affandi! We enjoyed it! :D We enjoyed of meeting you as well! Hehe! Then we went off to pick up Sara to Damai beach for mandi-manda! We still in the state of mind of not going to rainforest. Heh! Sara had lunch with her family first. So we had to fool around DBKU. (errr btol ke? aku lupa dah nama tempat neh. But I am able to see the Kuching city from the top of this place)

Pretending I'm at Upton Park! Hahahahahaha.

Funny though to see it as DBKU. All this while, I've only seen DBKL. :)

Kami bergaya! Hahahahaha.

Lompat yang cacat. Wakakakaka.

Then, we went off to pick up Sara to Damai beach. Sesampai jak, we mandi-manda! Wuhu! Beautiful beach I tell ya!

Huhu! Superbbbbb. Lama gilak sik mandi laut! Huhu. Hafiz made me laugh everytime I remember this. He went to the 7 eleven to get a pack of ciggys of 14. You know what he said? Sigek Empat Dunhill. I LOL! Hahaha. Sigek means one. He even said Sigek Malam when he was about to check in for a room later that night. Wakakaka. It's all funny man! Hehe.

Yeap yeap! Mandi-mandi gik!

Kegemukkan gua terserlah sial! Hahahahaha.

Keindahan Damai Beach at sunset. ;)

Oh where's Sara? Dia tak suke air masin. Keke. But I still do have her pic. Hehe.

I'm doing her favourite pose. Haha. Kangaroo mati anak.

Then we ended the mandi-manda at Damai Beach. And somehow Sara persuaded me to go to Rainforest. Hehe. It is because of Rainforest that made me come to Sarawak. Oh well! Might as well go!

Rambutku keras akibat air masin tadi! Arghhh! Hahaha.

This is the pic where we wanted to have. The car, the people and the guide. ;) I was left with Sara & also a new friend. Henry Agong.

Rainforest story? Oh well, just wait for the next day lah. Hahaha. Penat mau tulis semua! I had full of 3 days to write about bros & sis! Hehe Till the next post, see ya!


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