13 July 2009

Part one: Kuching, Sarawak. :)

Kuching, it has been saved for the last cause I would say it is the best place to be visited. Worth visiting! :D

Kuching, Sarawak has completed my tour around Malaysia. I've been to all the states in Malaysia. I am now MALAYSIAN! :P

Well, the journey started when I knew about the Rainforest event and started to see for the airplane tickets. At that time, I wasn't really serious about going. It was just a plan. A plan with no high hopes put into it. But then one day, I checked again with Hakim, my next door neighbour at work. We managed to pull out RM170 for both ways plus bus plus 15kg luggage! Wowzers! I just couldn't resist and asked Hakim to immediately booked the airplane tickets! Hafiz joined us as well. At that time, it was just rainforest party was on top of my mind. :D Haha. At last! Rainforest! After all these years! Haha!

The day of the holiday came! It was unbearable of happiness! Haha.

Airport view. H1N1 problem created this masked man/women.

Well, I reached the airport first with the help from my mom straight to LCCT and while my friends come from KL Sentral using the bus which was kinda late. -_-" They nearly didn't manage to get the boarding tickets. Feuh! I do hope that Tony Fernandes does something with this. Taking a bus at 3pm for a 5pm flight. That's reasonable enough I guess. They're not being late!

Anyways, they managed to get their boarding passes but not abel to check in their luggages but then they don't have one! Haha!

Yes, the boarding passes! :D Then we went to the gate to queue up for the plane.

Woah, that many people? The flight was cheap but yet there are still empty spots. Hehe. They all are heading for the rainforest party as well. Oh, did you know that at this spot, I've already put my mind away from Rainforest Party as because my friends couldn't join together. Scared of H1N1. Mmmmm.

Yes! We made it! We're going to Kuching! Haha. As you can see my exciting face expression! Haha.

Ini dah terencat punya excited. Dah lah larangan amek gambar di kawasan kapal terbang. Hahaha. Selambaaaa. :D

Dah naik pun nak bergambar lagi! Wakakaka. :P

Dan kami pun terbang lah ke Borneo Island. Sarawak. Kuching! Hehe. Aku cam biase. Susah benor nak tidor dalam flight. Aku pun pelik lah manusia2 yang bley tido dalam flight. Keke. Aku dari flight yang KL - Sydney pun 8 jam tak leh tido. Haha. Anyways, landed dengan safely. Eh, one thing, no stewardessssss! Stewards je!

Dalam flight pun nak bergambar. Haha. Bagai2 je mereka ni!

Yes. I arrived Kuching City baby!

Mari angkat luggage! :D

Hakim, Ober & Hafiz arrived in KIA!

Called Matt for the pick up at office! Cheers man! Thanks for the ride! :D He picked us up in 10 mins. Not so far from his house the airport is. And why am I talking like Yoda I must? LOL! :P

Yes, that is my food! I am totally hungry during the flight, before the flight, after the flight! The only thing I ate was breakfast's Nasi Lemak before my interview for a new job in Kuchai Lama. Anyways, we straightaway went for J & J restaurant recommended by Matt for its Mi Tomato Crispy! :D It's Mi Kolok that is fried before poured by it's tomato puree/sauce. It is absolutely scrumptious! And it is served with prawns. And I definitely cannot eat prawns that well. Cause you know what happens right? HAHA. But I didn't care. I just ate! Haha. Guess what happens? I was aching myself right after finishing the meal.

Abes daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ Hahahahahaha. Licin licau sial!

I would like to introduce you this as well. Parkway rokok 20s for RM3.00 only. :D Cheers! Hahaha.

Then, we went to Kuching Waterfront. The night was still young. ;) But I was still in prawn-ache. Urghhhh! Hard to breathe. Feels like puking. The stomach feels like shit some more! Haish!

I was waiting for someone to come and swept me away that night. But, nothing happened. Saraaaaa, where are you? LOLOLOL! Bodoh ni. Ingat drama Bold & Beautiful ke. Hahahaha.

One of the best pic I would say that night. ;) Thanks Matt!

Kuching city.

And I end the first day with this view from waterfront.

Beautiful city ain't it? Then me & Matt send my friends to one of the recommended hotel by Matt which was supposed to be RM30 per night turned into RM78 per night. LOL. Anyways, I sleep with Matt at his house. It's a tradition where I must try to sleep at his house once! :) Right? I'll continue the post with the 2nd day story. ;) Good night!


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