06 September 2009

Popeye the sailorman.

Oh tidak, the title doesn't tell you the story in this blog post. Hahaha.

It's actually a new Fast Food Chain Outlet. It's something like KFC based food except they have extra specialty which is Seafood platters.

How I found out about it? It was NOT a plan at all. Main taram je jalan2 with Hakim. Didn't even plan to buka outside. Haha. So, main belasah je buka at Midvalley. Tapi masa tu was like 5pm. Haha. Tak macam LAMA lg plak en. Hahaha. Nak kata mahal? Tak gak. Yang best tu. Kepala takyah pening nak pk pasal GOV TAX! What they wrote on the menu price is what you're paying! If it's RM9.90, then it's RN9.90. Nothing like RM10.2131238721389123!

Well, I ordered what they claim to be their specialty. Their fried chickens. The meal came with a drink, 2 side orders & one biscuit. Whaattt? Biscuit? Yes, biscuit! The biscuit is so damn nice melts in your mouth! Tried it with the special mashed potato dipped! Woah, I felt heaven man! Hahaha.

Sorry, my phone camera sucks. So it looks like yucky aye? Haha. But seriously, the mashed potato was something different and totally SEDAP GILER HELL! The gravy was like chilli beef sauce or something like that lah. Haha.

ALAHHHH! TAK NAMPAK PLAKKKK! Tapi nak ngatakan bukti RM9.90 doesn't changed into RM10.123923712378172821838712 !!!


p/s: Popeye berada di tingkat bawah sekali di Midvaley. Jangan plak bawah sekali tu korang gi carik kat basement parking plak. Aku lempang karang!


Blogger emceejalanan said...

yam yam yam bro!
u bagi i idea utk serang kedai makan yg baru!

yeee lah!

10:03 AM GMT+8  
Blogger a . i . n said...

uishh... nape die xde gov tax beb?? nnt bwk aku g sna..

2:22 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Ober Frederiksen said...

emcee: hehehe. :D that's the point of this post! hehehehe.

ain: mane aku tau. maybe included lah kot! tapi senang lah! tade aku pening nak pk2 ape penambahan selepas RM9.90. kan?

3:50 PM GMT+8  

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