17 August 2009

Mat Salai Burger.

It's another Malaysian product trying to be the next McDonalds. Mat Salai burger. They are Malaysian based but most of them turned to be failure. They changed their product to burger Ramly and using the Mat Salai stall(example in Bangsar). But this one still uses the originals. The sauce, the drink, the burger it self, the packaging, the everything lah! Still in Mat Salai's brand! :)

The burger Mat Salai stall in UO/Galaxy/MBO Ampang.

See that? That's original! Slurrppp~ The combo was Burger Ayam + Tea Mat Salai Special = RM5. Okay lah ape? Sedap kot! Teh dia cam Teh C Special je. Hehehe.


Blogger Emon. said...

nyesal bace blog ko. meleleh air liur aku. dah a pose. lapar kot :(

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