17 August 2009

MTV World Stage! :)

Oh well. I got it for free. Not ONE pair, but TWO pairs of it! Hahaha. I just entered this competiton on MTV websites for fun and guess what? I got it! Hahaha. This is how the email sounds like.

Hello again!

Looks like you're in luck because instead of getting a pair of tickets, you guys will be getting
2 pairs of tickets instead!

That means
4 tickets in total!

So go gather your friends and get ready to rock the house down on the 15th of August!

*All passes have been mailed to your houses so please check your mailbox in the coming week for them.
These passes are valid for the
Red Zone only.
MTV Asia will not be liable for any missing tickets due to false/lack of information provided by the participant.

Thank you!

From: Chua, Fiona
Sent: Sat 8/8/2009 2:24 PM
Cc: Tay, Melissa
Subject: Congratulations from MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia!

Hello Rocker!

Congratulations! We’re pleased to inform you that you’ve won for yourself a pair of concert passes to catch MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia, happening on the 15th of August!

Do check your snailmail box in the coming week as we've already mailed them out to you.

Thanks for participating in the MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia contest!

We look forward to seeing you there!

F;iona Chua
Campaign Coordinator | Digital Media | MTV Networks Asia

www.mtvasia.com | www.nicksplat.com
The Atrium @ Orchard, 60A Orchard Road, #04-01, Tower 1, Singapore 238890

| Tel: +65 6221 8166 | Fax: +65 6221 6016 |

Muwahahahahaha. Cun kan the email? I was bad mood from the race and came in work for Monday and I read this email! Hehehehehehe! Seronok kay!

At first, nak gi dengan Umair, myself, Shubby & Ayue. But then Umair backed out. Mmmmmm. So, Umair's ticket got sold to Shubby's friend, Ieka. Heh. Rm30 je pun. Malas jual memahal. Hahaha.

Wuhu~ Nice tickets en? :)

I went to pick up Ayu first in Shah Alam. Then we went for Sunway pyramid first. Got some munchies at Crispy popiahsss~

Then we went and meet the rest of the group. Shubby & Ieka. Then Shubby plak nak makan! -_-"

Carls Jr. we went! Hahaha. Total gile mahal. RM70! Hahahahaha. 3 orang je makan.Gile dow! Hahahaha. (gambar cacat entah kenape padahal tak senget pun)

Ober menjadi kangaroo. Shubby menjadi? Lol. I don't know!

Me & Ayoeyoe! We're the super indie bebal. :P

Got X, got it all! Bley jadi caprice tak? Hahahaha. Oh, lupe plak. NICE KAN THE T-SHIRT? FOLKER! GREATNESSSSS!

Shubby & Ayu having fun at the MTV World stage! :) Estranged was playing at the back! ;)

Then I met Kid & Ida.

Hujan sikittttt.

Ayue agak gile sudah. :P

Boys likes Girls vocalist went crazy and just climbed up that stage. LOL. I wonder what happens if he actually drop dead. Gorgeoussss. Hahaha.

Boys like girls were playing Love drunk. That's all I can remember. Hahaha. Cause I only like that song. :P

Resting for the next one to come up. The MTV World Stage really had some time management problem not as in late but the gappppp between the bands. OMG. It's so unbearable! Hehehe. *complaint complaint*

Then, it was Raygunz playing. LOL. I don't even know who the heck they are. Then came Pixie Lot(betol ke eja ni?) hahaha. She's hot. Awesome voice too! Uh oh! Hehehe.

Then Hoobastank is next. Mak aih! Ayue went NUTSSSS! Giler! Maniaccccccccc! hahahaha.

Tu lah Hoobastank. Hasil Ayue amek. Mmg lawa. Haha.

Gambar kat skrin pun dia amek. Hahahahaha.

Then came All American Rejects. This one, ALL went crazy! (weh, aku dah tak larat type 4 posts of blog in 2.5hrs dow!) Hahahaha.

Aku serious aku tak larat pas All American Rejects. Dengan nak jaga Shubby, Ayue time kat show tu. Hahaha. ;) Pastu, dgn si Ieka ni asik pukul blakang aku dengan panjat2 sume. Kepala aku pun abes dia ketok. Hahaha. :P

Time Kasabian aku berehat dengan Ayue. KASABIAN? WTF!? I've never of heard of you & you guys SUCKED! Hahaha. Your music just SUCKED TO THE MAX! HAHAHAHAHA.

MTV World Stage ends! ;)

Ayue met her friends before leaving the place.

Ape tah nama diernag? Hahahahaha. :P

The end of the story telling about MTV World Stage. I sent Ayu back home and I went back to Puchong. I slept peacefully. Sbb penat nak mati! :P


Blogger Emon. said...

gile ah ber. ko lah makhluk paling lucky aku penah jumpe. =.=

*aku puji ngan harapan ko upgrade duwet raye taun ni*


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