22 March 2007

SDG! Michelin! Wow!

Woah, i got these two new stuffs (well not so new for the new pair of tires) for my bike! It's a bargain I would say! I never ever have thought of getting these brands for a very low price!! Man, I sound like a salesman. Ha-ha! Anyways, I got myself a new saddle which I've been wanting for a bargain. An SDG saddle model Satellite. It's in blue colour which really kills the mood though. I want it in RED! Cuz my bike is RED! But for the price, I didn't mind at all which balances it off. And I got myself a new pair of USED michelin tire model Country Trail. It's 1.95 in size. Which is very awkward for me to buy. Well, to the people who doesn't know me that well, I like 2.1 tires. Anyways, it was cheap and it is Michelin. I traded my chaplang saddle + rm10 for the pair of Michelin Country Trail tires. The thread on those tires was still excellent condition. So I took it. Oh yeah, long long time ago, I got myself a new helmet as well. Since, the old one is making some probs already. Haha. So, I got myself those ironmag helmets with visor. Looks cool. And the air ventilation is okay lah. Not bad for its price. So here are the pics of those new bought stuffs.

Sexy SDG!
SDG U.S.A. Satellite
Michelin 26x1.95: Country Trail
Look at the thread. Still looking good.
Thee firey helmet. Macha punya kaler lah.