31 October 2006

Shifter, Cassette, Brake Lever, Chain, Rim

Hell yeah,
My rockbike now is 9 speed gear system. totally rojak. rd is alivio, fd is c050 shimano, chain is kmc z 9 speed, cassette is sunrace 9 speed, shifter is mega 9 shifter deore, brake lever ad 3 avid and mavic x 138 rim front. its a better bike now. its softness and smoothness to ride just makes me fall in love more with this bike eventho it was crap. haha. at first, the chain i bought was too short since the alivio rd has a bigger pulley and so had to extend my chain with extra chain. then, came the "ghost shifting" problem, and i tot the RD or the cassette wasn't compatible as told by "Barican Owner in Wangsa Melawati" and the setting was out of bounds but then it was just the chain problem where the previous mechanic didnt clip it back properly and it was damaged as told by "Bangladeshi Mechanic at Barican Wangsa Melawati". i had it fixed by him and it went better! no more of that fckg ghost shifting. I had to change my front rim since my fckg new deore hub didnt fit the old rim! shyte! i had to waste my fckg rm90. haha. installation costs me rm20. hehe. So conclusion for today:-
  • Shifter Deore RM100
  • Cassette Sunrace 9 speed RM25
  • Brake Lever Avid AD 3 RM25
  • Chain KMC Z Chain 9 Speed RM35
  • Rim Mavic X 138 RM90
  • Installation RM20

Oh the pics, will be posting them tomorrow morning! hehe.

15 October 2006

More Upgrades and Known Problems..

mmm.. ive just installed my new fork and new grips. hehe. to install fork plus spacer is rm15 and my new SARS grips are rm12. hehehe. its quite soft fork for off road but wud be a bad idea for uphill. the heavy feeling will be there. the grips is doin fine for its price. SARS brand cud be something in the future I guess. Nothing much lately, didnt cycle dat much diz week. Got exams and all that. And the problem i found previously was just my pedals. Time to change? oh well i dont think so. fck off. Conclusion:

  • New SARS Grips RM12
  • Fork installed with spacer RM15
  • Problem was the stupid pedals

Thats all folks!

12 October 2006

More Upgrades but there's problem!

Hey, hey, hey,
Fat alberttt... haha. so, so, i havent been writing for sometime.. Today's the time since I got the time. Been busy with stupid exams.. Lol! I've just actually got c050 FD(thanks bro kelolo!rm20 with free gifts! haha.) since the acera was top pull! dammit. no acera setting. since that, ive made up my mind to actually ROJAK my bike! yay! mix up of everything! very cost saving and maybe comfortable to me? I've bought my new RD too as well which is Alivio(rm75). I just loveeeee the smoothness of my shifting now. haha. And for the future, I've bought myself a new pair of brake levers which are AVID AD 3 (RM5), used 9 Speed Cassette Sunrace brand(thanks bro kelolo agen! rm25)... My alivio RD is compatible to 7,8 and 9 speed.. So no worries when changing to 9 speed soon! Today I just got new fork as well! RST 381 CL.. A normal working fork nothing special bout it. It's color makes it really cheap and horrible! haha. I also just bought my rear nite lite. for rm5 only. Well the bad news is, my bloody BB is making sound!! fck! just serviced it, and it still makes the sound! bloody hell! rm5 wasted down the drain. im gonna go and complain actually later. haha. we'll see what happens.
  • C050 FD (RM20 with free gifts)
  • Alivio RD (RM75)
  • Avid AD 3 (RM25)
  • Sunrace 9 speed cassette (RM25)
  • RST 381 CL fork (RM60 but havent paid yet)
  • RM5 BB service for nothing (FCK!)
  • RM5 Rear Nite Lite

08 October 2006

Acera FD

Im gonna get it soon enuff. A used Acera FD for rm22. Isn't it cheap? I feel like having acera/acera-x setting for my bike. haha.


That's all to describe how pissed and sad I am to just lost brand new oakley sunglasses that only wore for 5 mins. wtf man? i dont know where it went. the last place it went was on my head. after i cycled from my house to Wangsa Maju LRT to park the bike. The glasses was still there. 3 mins later, it isnt anymore!! WTF! anyways, the reason i got pissed is because that sunglass totally fits my face. the one and only i think that really really satisfy me on wearing sunglasses!! Im just so pissed with it yday..

06 October 2006

Fork, FD, RD, Riser Bar, Grips.. Lol!

I want a new fork. ASAP! The one im intrested is RST Omega T5. it will cost me about rm250. about fd, well not yet. but thinkin of deore xt. haha. rd, i just found a 2nd one for only rm22 for an acera FD, rm50 for an easton ea50 riser bar, rm25 for grips.. i might take it if the size is right lah. hehehehehehe. happy! huhuhuhu.. yday i cycle like usual plus today i cycle a bit extra which is to tmn melati than back to tmn melawati and the usual route.
  • RST Omega T5 in target RM250
  • RD Acera 2nd hand RM22
  • Easton EA50 Riser Bar RM50
  • Lizard Grips RM25
  • Cycled 04/10 about 8km and 05/10 around 10km

04 October 2006

Here are the upgrades

Well, here are the upgrades did to my bike yday. the satisfaction is through the roof.

Acera X Crankset

Al-Cheapo Saddle(which comforts me better at least)

Mountain Biking Holiday Package

Mountain Bike Holiday Package

We are offering a 2 day 1 night mountain bike holiday package. The package inclusive accommodation (twin sharing), barbeque dinner by the river bank, and complementary isonotic drink. The package cost only RM99.00 per person.

Come experience the mixed offroad terrain of Bukit Lagong Forest.


Contact : Rozki at 03-55105879 or 019-3679626

visit : www.netkl.net/commonwealthforest

Upgrade and Ride

Oh well, today i've changed my crank to shimano acera which is way lighter and better the old crank wich is suppose to be in the junkyard! rm80 for it. changed my stupid freakin hard as rock saddle as well. rm15 for it. better at least. next upgrade is my freaking fork. my fork isn't that good. im afraid it will get broken soon enough with me putting too much pressure on it! hahaha. next one is the stupid freakin free gear thingy. it is absolutely not applicable for off roads as it would wear off. thinkin of deore upgrade for that or maybe cheaper than deore? cuz i mite as well buy a whole new bike. im seein stars for my new fork of either marzzochi or omega. hmmmm... rawr! after upgrading my bloody crank, i went for a ride with these friends of mine(shah&kalid). they have pretty hot mtbs! i wish i have something like them. oh well, met them at the bicycle shop then went for the ride to tmn melawati for ramadhan bazar. then with an instant stupid idea of mine goin 2 kg kemensah to see the place there. to see how the biking environment there. its quite fun to see it and have a place which is quite near. then we cycle back through tmn melawati then au5 then wangsa melawati then section 5 wangsa maju back. then kalid went back straight home after resting for a while. me and shah just cycle for a while around section 5 near NZ and just went for the off road. i hope that shah didnt mind at all about the terrain. the off road was just superawesome. im lovin it. haha. then went back to my house. wash my bike and shook shah's hand as the azan maghrib have already sounded which means BUKAK POSAAAAA BEBBBBB!!

- bought new crankset+saddle = rm95
- cycle around 6km today+5.5km yday = 11.5km

p/s: will take the new pictures of my crank and the "better" version of my stupid saddle. it is still stupid.

03 October 2006

Just Started

my 1st ever blogging experience. since ive just started my new hobby of mountain biking, so i decided to put up a blogging experience as my new hobby too. so, ive got my new bike but it is very non-branded bike. just a rock bike imported by a malaysian company. i tink its made in taiwan. so this bike specs?

  • Neco Stem
  • Normal Risebar
  • Stupid rock bike prowheel crankset
  • shimano sis 7 speed cassette
  • shimano sis rear deraileur
  • shimano sis front deraileur
  • shimano 7 speed rapidshift
  • shimano v brake
  • rock bike double wall rims
  • semi-slick tyres non branded
  • quadro hubs front and rear with QR
  • Rock bike aluminium frame
  • Rock bike fork with 63mm shocks(i think it is from my rough estimation)
  • the colour of this bike is black with slight touch of redness

I urgently need to upgrade my crankset asap! as you can see, its bloody crap specs for a bike that needs to travel a lot of places. but i needed it to train and now collecting money to upgrade bits and pieces.