25 December 2006

Torturous Travel and others.

For quite some time I haven't been blogging about my mountain biking. As I have nothing significant to talk about for the past few days of not blogging. On the 30th of December I will embark on a journey for myself. A new journey towards the New Year coming. A torturous 150km, 10hours perday of cycling and finishing date at 6th of January 2007. Distance from Butterworth to JB via Tanah Merah, Kelantan. But as for me, I won't be cycling the whole way, I will only cycle half-way through until Kuantan or even earlier than that. I wanna try to just cycle up to 2nd or 1st of January. Too bad I couldn't cycle all the way. I got other commitments to be done. So, I've made those preparations. Changed my BB but then got this other problem. Which is too SHORT! Now I have a problem of my crankset too close to my frame it scratches while making a dent to my frame. Had to remove the 1st chainring at the moment so that it doesn't damage my frame any further. So, now I only have mid chainring and high chainring. Next preparation is to bring few of my sleeveless clothes and short pants since I cannot make myself take up heat too much. Me+Heat=BAD! I also brought my fake Oakley glasses to cycle. Also couple of my small towels and also bandanas. Got myself spare tube, patch kit, tools, cyclometer, gloves and etc. Can't be bothered to list them all out. Haha. Couple of medicines for myself. I wanna enjoy during the cycling at the beach. From Tanah Merah to Terengganu. That's one of the main reasons why I joined my friend to cycle. My friend, Nas, will be cycling all the way to his hometown of course. That is why it is up to JB. Hehe. Middle of the way, we might be joined by Ontot, one of our friends. We'll be meeting him somewhere in Terengganu if I'm not wrong. Will be posting pics of us cycling. It's gonna be heaps and heaps of pics. Man, do you think I will be able to stand the heat to climb uphill of Grik's tarmac? I will be posting my bike by KTMD till Bukit Mertajam Station. Im not so equipped for night ride. I'm quite nervous about that actually. Didn't find any fitted brackets for my HUGE seatpost 31.6mm! ARGH! It's gonna be hot, awesomous, great, torturous, exciting, hell of fun days of cycling. This will be my debut of cycling long distance. Pray to god for me pls.

14 December 2006

My Bike...

Your Bike Setup
FrameNexus Pro Sport 14"
ForkRST 381 CL
StemBontrager 90mm 5 Degrees
BarsEaston EA50
Brake LeverAvid AD3
Brake cableRaleigh
BrakesAvid 10
CrankLX Crankset
Bottom BracketBusted Octalink
ChainKMC Z 9000
Seatpost ClampNo Brand
Front TireTioga
Front RimMavic x 138
Front HubDeore
Front SpokesUnknown
Rear Tire
Rear RimUnknown
Rear HubDeore
Rear SpokesUnknown
Freewheel/CogSunrace 9 Speed
Special Mods!?


Bottlecage Zefal = DESTROYED!

It's been only a week with me(riding), it's already destroyed. I brought it back to Nathan and change it back for a NEW one and I'm telling you it's not ZEFAL anymore! It's none branded bottlecage but it is SOLID BUILT! I'm not gonna trust any of Zefal bike items anymore. They're just CRAP! Actually, I didn't intend to exchange my bottlecage for a new one but then "Saleem"(bicycle world mechanic) insist of changing it. Hehe, I was just complaining to him about the brand. Then he brought to Nathan and told him that the bottlecage is crap and changed it for me! Thanks Saleem! Keke! I shall take new pics later! This bottlecage colour is Gold. Huhu!


13 December 2006

Kemensah Trail: Secret Trail !

Em, I've gone through hell again today with kemensah trails. And this time is at Secret Trail. Just about to start climbing it, my chain snapped! I'm like WTF! Thank god, Kalid was still there waiting for me. Shah just went too fast uphill! Em, so yeah I snapped my chain really next to the house on that start of the ride. The guy from that house tried helping me. I was like "em, oh pls, don't destroy my bike and my chain and the chain clip"! But he was just helping. There's nothing more than just praying to god that he is helping and not destroying. So, I found out that my chain snapped at the chain clip area, so I just removed the bloody extension of my chain and just connect it back to the original chain(remember that my chain was extended by that Barican Bangladeshi man). Em, so we thanked that guy who tried to help then we continue to climb the hills of secret trail but then it's getting darker and we manage to climb up to 2nd climb then me and Kalid decided it's too late to go further more(it was 655pm). We pull Shah back to the bottom, if we followed Shah's idea, he would just go and go and go! Haha! Anyways, we just downhill that trail with brakes, cuz it's a bit slippery(it was just raining an hour ago). Went back to Nathan's wondering if the shop is still open and it's not. Owh, btw, the ZEFAL bottle cage I bought? It was DAMN CRAP! DAMMIT! It snapped out as well from my bike after a small drop from the curb before going to secret trail. DO NOT! I REPEAT, DO NOT BUY ANY ZEFAL BOTTLE CAGES! It's bad! But I put it back to the plastic bracket. Still, I do not trust it anymore! I think that's about it to talk about. I'm cycling again through this trail. I sure hope no more 'suwey' stuffs happen! Chow!


12 December 2006

Octalink BB needed URGENT!

I need a new bloody BB now. Well, as soon as possible but not as urgent. Current one can still be used but its already "totalled" by me. Haha. It's destroyed. The bearings already "makan" so there's some un-smoothness of cycling. Waste energy a lot with it. Octalink V2 if I'm not wrong that I'm looking for. The cheapest I could get is RM60. The real big problem is I DON'T HAVE ANYMORE MONEY! Argh! Anyways, anyone reading this post, please, please help me out getting the cheapest octalink BB okay? Pls aite? Just post up at the chatbox below. If not email me up at shortysdeck85@Hotmail.com Aite guys?

Difference between these octalinks. V1(left) & V2(right).

This is my current BB which is half-destroyed.


09 December 2006

Skatepark Jumps and Kiara: Revelead!

I wish I have pictures for this post but I just can't. Both places ran out of battery! What I mean is, whenever I wanna snap pictures, the battery is out! Dangit! But anyways, at the AU 5 skatepark, just wanna try my new Bunnyhop! Haha, it worked well I guess? But my left and right wrist hurts! Maybe I landed too hard? But the ramp, I almost cleared it. Just waiting for the time of my bunnyhop improved and get the ramp cleared. Keke. Sure hope so! My wrist hurt too much that my veins began to feel swollen badly. The next day, I couldn't moved my left wrist. It hurts so much. Went to seek for my grandmother to "urut" a little bit so that my swollen wrist allows the blood to flow as usual. I ate some traditional medicines from her and poof, today I'm riding Kiara! Haha! How fast is that? Am I another wolverine type of guy who heals fast? Haha. Anyways, today got help from Darryl, a kiara rider all day long and everyday and all days in the week he will ride on Kiara. When I mean everyday, everytime, I really meant it literally! He's just outta of other people's mind. He rides a Haro fs. Me, Kalid and Shah were suppose to meet Joshua from Fakawi but then he feels that it wasn't the right time to ride because of the raining. But we were just too "semangat" to go to break our virginity in Kiara. Haha. So, I just went and looked for other tourist guide around Kiara. Darryl's the guy. He just took us around the chicken loop and down to carnival. He was just taking us to the "Kiara's Beginner" trail aka Carnival trail. It was fun eventhough it was just a short ride. The 1st switchback, made Shah fell. His saddle was too high from what I see. But then, he tried it, not like me; I didn't have the courage yet. Oh yeah, Kalid was riding without this helmet as he left it at Nathan's shop before we left to Kiara. The hill to climb for that carnival trail was already a killer for me but that was just half of it. I was like, hell no, this climb just, is just, just... KILLING ME! Haha! Em, well, I will try to recharge my camera before I come to any rides this time. I will post pics as usual. Dammit!

04 December 2006

Mountain Bike Episode 2: The Others.

Strap on biatch!
Leech sucking my life out.
It's virginity gone.

Me and my bike after humping offroad.

New Shimano skewer from Kelolo. Thanks!

After wash!

With my headlights on. How fierce is that?

Mountain Bike Episode 3: Commonwealth Park

Haha. I tried to be like Star Wars, using middle episodes and have it as prequels or sequels. Keke. Anyways, yeah, we all went to Commonwealth Park in Rawang. This is where my new frame will lose its virginity of off roading. I think the ride on our engined vehicle was way longer than riding in this park. We all met at Nathan's Bicycle World at 730am sharp. Around 18 bikers if I wasn't wrong. There are all kinds of MTBers that day. Even the Green Cannondale I saw before when I was in car around a month ago was there. I've been wanting to see him live in action. And yeah dammit. He really does his job. And, I'm the only awkward one in the group I guess? I'm the only mtber who wears jeans and long sleeves with Freeride helmet and full fingered knuckles protective gloves. But there's another dude, who didn't wear a helmet. Which is quite dangerous. Nevermind though, later he will need one. Hmm, there were even the M9 guy, nexus guy and polygon guy. Anyhows, everyone was there. The start of this park was the killer part actually. It is climbing on tarmac all the way up. No flatlands or downhill at all. It's up, up, up and away. I climbed all the way up, no pushing at all. No nothing. No crap was given. But at the start of the hill, my chain dropped. Fck. I was trying to change my front gear to 1. But then this happened. Thank god, kiki was at the back. He brought his bike tools. He moved my FD to the proper place so that it would shift. Okay, after doing all that, continuing to cycle again. Uphill all the way to the canteen and accomocation area of the Commonwealth Park. We all waited there for all the mtbers to arrive. A bit of talking and off we go for off road. Yeah, you've guessed it, it's uphill again but now its offroad. Far out! But I feel it's much more fun on off road. Since my tires are really for off roading only as setup as yesterday. Haha. That's y it was killing me during the uphill of tarmac. Then we all just climb to a section where it's not rideable and we had to push. We just went all the way up to checkpoint 1. Some of the "expensive" bikes haven't arrived yet. Me with my cheap ride arrived safely and didn't give up at all. From checkpoint 1, we have a little of downhilling. I just went it all the way riding the downhill quite fast. Around 25-30kmh. Quite muddy around this area. It's "nipah area" so you know how muddy it is. We all went up to 2nd check point where it is the dead end. We have no other ways to go. It's just unrideable. These commonwealth people didn't maintain the trails. So, it's just dead end. Yada, yada, yada, we all reverse and move back. We all cycle back. It was just a short trail. Not even 3km. Pretty pissed off about it. Oh well. Shah on the other hand had the idea of climbing the trail again for just the downhilling part. I joined them. Those "expensive" bikes didn't even get to checkpoint 2. They just quit earlier in the game. Haha. "Whoever eats KFC, he will be the one who licks off his fingers."(insert sarcasm). Basically, it was nothing lah the trail. Kemensah is even worst and scarier. Until next time. We'll meet again. Hahaha!(x1000).
Uphill tarmac.

More uphill.

Uphill offroad.

None-rideable nipah area aka dead end.

See how non-rideable this is.
1st check point.

My teh ais in one sip after the 2nd ride through the off road.
All gathering in Canteen area.
Yes, yes, fakawis.

02 December 2006

Something new and setting up for Sunday!

Hi guys.. Got couple of things to write about. I've got new bottlecage, headlight, tire opener & patch kit, bike stand and riser bar. Also I've learnt how to bunny hop! Huhu! Lotsa things happened this week for me too just like it was last week. The bottlecage brand is Zefal and got it from Nathan for RM12. Got myself a new headlight for RM7 and using reflectors brackets to hold it. Just need a headlight for night riding nearby the house. I need to be noticed during night rides man. It's getting dangerous nowdays if I ever get accident at night riding. It's just doing its basic light thing which is getting notice. Not using it for lighthing up the place where I ride. I also got myself a tire opener and bike stand. I will start to service my bike myself from now on. Keke. Starting from the basics lah. Later on, I'm targetting myself for those bike tools. Then I can completely use it and not to even go to the shop for any service. My new riser bar, Easton EA50 works the way I like it guys. It's long and mid rise. It's just awesome. I like it long. Haha. Sounds awkward. Then, later today I've changed my tires for some serious offroading. It' really heavy on tar road to actually cycle it. Haha. But nevermind, its just for tomorrow. Then I've re-tune my RD for even more perfect shifting. Smooth shifting. Em, I've learnt how to bunny hop using Kalid's theory. Huhu, I've got it higher and higher and higher each time I try to do it. Keke. Really waiting for tomorrow. I'll post up the pics here. Waiting for my life to be sucked by leeches and mosquitos tomorrow. Good luck soldier.
Zefal Bottlecage.
Uptown Danau Kota Headlight.
Easton EA50 Riser Bar.
The Whole From Back.
The Whole From Top.
The Whole with its new stand.

I'm porno-ing with my bike.

Going to the prom with my bike.

My Johorean friend Kona Stinky. Envying it.