25 June 2008

Pics of Serena's new Stuffs! ;)

I just managed to take her new pics off the upgraded stuffs. oh well. I took it right after my right at Bukit Cermin last Sunday dated on 22/06/08. Well, I had my first crash with Serena too on that date. We went fast and just couldn't stop in time and went "more" downhill that it supposed too. *Sigh* It's time for me to get you Hayes Stroker Ryde for you baby Serena. ;) hihihi. Man, I'm a weirdooo with a cuckoo bird in the head. Hahaha. Anyways, here they are. Oh btw, I CANT CLIMB ANYMORE! OMG! *sigh*


Kenda Nevegal 2.5 tires John Tarmac Signature Series.

PIVIT Disc hubs.

THE lock-on grips.

Gold KMC chainlink.

Hussefelt Stem.

OEM Hussefelt oversized handlebar.

Odyssey Pedals: It's someone's signature series which I can't remember. Haha.

Azonic head lock.

This is OBER with the Full Face Helmet and Serena which made him looks like a Faget. Haha.
Sweet stuffs. More incoming. New Crank, Brakeset, Fork and Rear Shox.

21 June 2008

I just had to get more and more..

Oh my, I'm getting more and more new stuffs for SERENA. Oh Serena, you know I love you! ;)

Will be posting up the installed pics. Hihi.

I would be saying I'm getting new hands and neck for Serena. Bulkier baby! Awwww~ You look hawt Serena!

(man, I've been out of the game with girls for so long that I'm in LOVE with a bike? Wowzers!)

20 June 2008

Serena had her boobs implant! ;)

My SERENA (T-bolt's name) had her new BOOBS implanted+New Black underwired Bra! Yay! ;)

See pictures!

See how massive is the 2.5DD fitted onto the T-Bolt.

Some extra stuffs bought! Giro Mad Max Full Face Helmet.

THE lock on grips.

Odyssey Twisted Pedals.

661 Shin + Knee Guard.

Pretty sweet stuffs aye? ;) Eh, Ober why are you buying fulll face? and the Shin guards? Whattttt? eh. 2.5 tyres as well? WTF?