28 December 2009


The LRT was this empty during 8pm. I came back from work. I felt the emptiness.

Lonesome. Total lonesome.

19 December 2009


Hehehehehe. I just found out about this lady. Actually I knew about her for some time but today is just the day where I try to figure out who she is. Wow, another CANADIAN CHICK SINGER! Wuhu! She's super HOT! ;) Well, here's her video. Just wiki up the google about her. What's the point I post it here cause you won't read it anyways. hahaha. :P This is an old video of her. Haha. Kind liked her hair in this. Totally fell in love with it. ;)


Sudah sematahari berlalu, aku masih macam ni. Aku tak suka.

p/s: sorry for my blog posts this time. I've really haven't been to any good restaurants or building up trails or upgraded my mtb or talking bout my football team. It just sucks at the moment.

11 December 2009

Memandu aku gila.

Haha. Yes. Memandu aku gila. Tolong aku! Haha.