10 August 2008


Sweeettttness bike. At last, I manage to thrash it today. Well, not really thrashing by jumping off the 4ft drop at Bukit Cermin but thrashing as in testing the new trail in Bukit Cermin for speed. ;) Now, next week, I'll be ready again for 4ft drop. Hehehe. Gaining confidence over my NEW AVID BB7 BRAKES! hahahahahaha. ;) But all those thrashing, caused me a headset. Bluerghhh! And now im in need of chainguide! I'm getting it from a friend Hood aka Mushr00m! It fell off like A LOT of times just now during the speed! WADAFAK! haha. Nevermind. Will only hold onto truvativ chainguides for a while. Not for long. Haish. Money finished draining to brakes and SAMAN! Bodoh tol punya polis penang. Sial! Hahaha.

The bike assembled with new AVID BB7 brakes!

Huhu. I love this frame baby!

Look at those 185mm rotor man!

Look at those 185mm rotor man again!