29 November 2006

My stupid injury again.

Hmmm.. I never run from injuries do I? This one, I got it just before I arrive at Nathan's shop to install new bottle cage. Then, I was on this curb, it was high, and there was land to actually land a jump. So, I turned around and took a bit of speed and tried to jump but didn't manage to land rear tire first and landed my front tire first. My fork travel to the max and made the bang sound. I almost fell but I didn't. I just stayed on the bike and the pedal smashed my legs from behind and scraped my skin off. That's how it happens. Thank you. Please do again check from time to time of Ober's freakshow of injuries. Until we meet again.
That's what happen if you don't land your jumps right.

How long did that pedal scraped my skin off?
p/s: to the guy who told me to put the captions above the picture. Just didn't work for me. It even confuses me more. Keke. I've tried on my last post. And I don't think I'll be sticking to caption on top. Keke.

28 November 2006

And the trails are here.

Very steep and small trail. Maybe challenging.
Going downhill from here. Need to sidehill it.
Another steep trail and narrow.
The trail to be.
The red muds to be explored.

Another near crash, skatepark and trail to be done.

Pheuwh! Today, I almost crash again. I manage to control the bike this time because I'm on tar road. The grip was there lah. Thank god. If not I would have been under the "Bas Kilang" engine already. It started when Shah and I cycled back from AU5 skatepark towards section 6 Wangsa Maju. Then, it came to the road where it is very narrow and lotsa cars is around. Shah went to the right side of the road cause he manage to change lane before I did. So, I couldn't change, I kept on cycling on the wrong side of the road and a lot more faster. Then I change lane when I got the chance, Shah was at the back. Then, I'm still cycling fast enough at quite a speed. Around 30km/h. I am at the back of the bus and I see that it's very slow and nearly came to a stop. So I try to overtake with speed but suddenly there's a car turning into the junction which made me hit hard on the brakes and skidded which nearly make me fall sliding underneath the bus but I manage to control and made my left move. I speeded to the left and wait for Shah to come. Man, what's wrong with me and crashes? Before that, I went to the skatepark in AU5 to try out just for fun. It looks like fun to be Dirt Jump or Street Bike MTB. Keke. With my current size frame it would make me suitable for any other MTB categories. Keke. We just went around the skatepark by cycling all over the ramps with speed. But not full speed since it was wet. Kinda scared of slipperiness! Maybe going there again when it's already dried up! And me and Shah decided to create and continue some of the trails found in Section 5 hills up behind the "tangki air". We'll post couple of pictures by tomorrow after cleaning up the trails!

26 November 2006

The assembled new bike... and the other bike.

Wow, it's been a hefty shit load of week. This week, I've got the new frame and another bike. Helping a friend to clean out his storeroom before moving overseas. I've also got a new stem which is exactly the dimension I've wanted. 90mm and 5 degrees. I've also got myself a new FSA headset which actually comes together with the new frame. This new frame, asks me to get a new seatpost where I had to get it from Kalid. Oh well, 31.6mm. One of the hardest measurement to get! Far out! Another lesson learnt here. Keke. Since its seat tube is kinda big, it also asks me to get a new fckg FD. Fck! I had to change my bloody FD! It's a NEW deore FD! Oh well, it's the only one that fits the frame. I've also got a new Maxxis flyweight tyre 2.1 rear. I've also got myself a Deore RD(i've switched it with the other peugeot bike because to suit my 9 gear system). Then, I just got the peugeot bike for my dad. I'm just waiting for him to approve the bike. I'm gonna make sure that will happen! Haha! The peugeot bike drivetrain is excellent. With those ritchey rims and ritchey WCS tires and not to forget those XTR shifters combined brake levers. That bike is excellent! Damn jealous of that XTR shifters+brake levers! Keke. It's 27 speed shifter actually! Hmmm.. I wonder if I can swap those around with mine! Haha!

Bontrager Stem 90mm 5 Degrees
FSA headset sealed bearing.
Bontrager Seatpost 31.6mm. Thanks Kalid!
My MTB with new frame assembled.
NEW Deore FD
Flyweight Maxxis 2.1 Rear Tyre
Deore RD
Another view of the assembled new frame.
The other Peugeot Bike I got from Avantgarde84.

25 November 2006

My 14 inch frame.

Hey hey, I got myself a new frame which fits me. Weights around 1.5kg and its 14inch. This frame is similar to those tank easton tubing frames. Only that differs it, it is the brand. I will post another post with pictures with this frame assembled. This is bought at RM180. It comes together with a seat clamp and FSA headset.

23 November 2006

Y do I have to upload in another post?

My BELL gloves L size in packaging.

Sweet gloves man! The colours I want!

New Safety Gloves anyone? ...or Not?

Ding dong, here comes my Bell protective gloves! Yeah! Cheapest protective gloves I could find at the moment. Going offroad with these gloves would be awesome! I got it off Campbell from Jalan TAR(in case you don't know). RM40 is the best price I could ask for. But there was problems. Thank god I realised before I actually went back home. As soon as I've bought it, I walked fast to the STAR LRT station and just before I took the train, I realised that my freaking gloves, was torn at the strapping area. FCK! I have a class at 2pm and its 230pm already. So I rushed back to my college 1st and go for the class(at 1st I thought of dogging the class but decided not to). I came in late for the programming tech lab class around 3pm. I had to do a small test and programmings. Everyone already finished their small test and already started to do their programming. The programming had 3 tasks to be done and they've made it to the second one. I did as fast as I can for my small test as it was easy. As I finished my small test, I asked from my lecturer if I could go any earlier(as I am fckg pissed off with the shop that sold me those gloves that were torn!) than these guys after I've finished those 3 tasks of programming. As I look at the whiteboard of what the tasks are, well, they were easy and I've done it before in my previous college. I did it all and gone from the class at 325pm! I was actually astonished that I finished earlier than those guys and entered late. Hmmm.. Anyways, I straight away rushed out of the class, went and get Acap(cause after exchanging those gloves, I am going to Iks house to have some meal). I arrived at the shop and asked for exchange, the worker asked me to wait for a while as the boss isn't around. I've waited for 20mins and thank god that the boss let the exchange happens. If he actually gave me any excuses that I did the damage, that shop would have gone upside down. So, now me and Acap running to get Metro bus to get home ASAP and went to Iks house. Man, every single parts of my bike has its story. Keke.
  • Got my safety gloves BELL for RM40.
  • Had my programming tech lab for only 30mins while managing to finish faster than others.

21 November 2006

It's Washed!

Keke, at last I actually washed my bike. No more dirts or muds on my bike. The shifting come back to normal after I've washed. These dirts makes my RD, chain, Cassette becomes very very bad to me. Naughty you! Keke.
Waahh.. Very shining!
Is that my crank? So clean.
Isn't she cleaned now?

19 November 2006

Pixies part II.

My free Giant comfy saddle.
Trans-X seatpost. Thanks uncle Mat.
Rear promax brakes. With rockbike brakepads.
LX Hollowtech crankset with new chainrings.
Totally after offroad. Not very clean.
I'm stucked with my bike in the middle of Kemensah Trail. Hehe.
Rest. Rest. Rest.
My Cat Mity 8. Thanks CS.
Pity my bike. Stranded alone.

Voila. Pixies!

Saleem & Shah.
Dark Trails.
Champion beb. Smallest and youngest person in the group.
Nice sky.
Kemensah trail.
Checkpoint and rest.
Borak-borak while rehat.
Saleem, Uncle Yap and a newbie.
Makan-makan di hutan sampai gemok.
Penat ek?
Ape korang tgk weh?

Waterfall Trail Short Offroad.

Well, we're going on the same trail as last week except that me and shah will stop at the mid-section of the trail and they're going to continue the trail. This is because I had to go back and settle open houses that I had to attend. Keke. But in the end they all decided not to continue and instead just follow what we're going to do which is stop in the middle of the trail and "patah balik". Well, this time Im quite prepare with hell of energy. I wasn't like last week, where I was really really tired because I just slept for 2 hours. Before the offroad, all the climbs on road, I did it miraculously. I didn't pushed my bike like the last time. I cycled all the way up to the guardhouse before the offroad. No problem for me. I managed it to do it! The trail today, is even worst than last week. It's extreme muddy today. My tires really didn't do anything much than to just move my bike and not helping me to control the trail. I had no grip at all. Well, while offroad, I didn't fell like last week. So a lot of improvement actually happens with this good sleep I had last night. It's all guuuuuuuuuudddddddd today! But again this week, I wreck my brakepads. These brakepads aren't meant for off road so it's totally out. So I scratched my rims. Pretty bad scratches! I'm totally flipping out. Well, I've changed couple of parts on this bike last week such as my new rear promax brakes. It's quite responsive. Good money deal. Changed my brakepads just now because I do not want it to hurt my rim anymore! I got a new seatpost and a new saddle. It's used and I got it for free from Uncle Mat. Thanks to him, my testicles feels a lot better and with this new seatpost it looks better. I've also installed the cateye mity 8 computer on my bike. Thanks CS.
  • I was able to climb any hills today.
  • I didn't fell down on downhilling the offroad.
  • LX crank definitely saves my energy.
  • Promax Rear brakes changed rm25.
  • Installed the Cateye Mity 8 computer on my bike.
  • Installed new seatpost and giant saddle. Thanks Uncle Mat.

12 November 2006

Off Road Pics.

My bike after off road and installed the new LX crankset.
Riders penat at kemensah waterfall trail.

Tok Mat aged 61, still standing strong MTBing.
At checkpoint before my bike was destroyed.

A REAL off road today and... A crash AGAIN!

Today, hereby, I've annouced that my Rockbike has gone the real off road. But, the trail should have been easy to intermediate. But then the day I arrived for my 1st off road, it went to HARDEST trail ever. What makes it harder, i didnt even sleep the day before, so I have less energy. Couldn't even climb small hills. That was bad. And my saddle was broken just the night before by Shah but by mistake and changed it with the old saddle of kalids. I thought the breakfast of having 2 biji telur and teh tarik would boost me up. But it didnt. Going there with a GT bike owner, Giant FS XC owner, salim, shah and champion(nickname for this small kid). So I went for the off road at Kemensah through the Waterfall trail. It's all wet and soaky. It has really deep "trail drain" which is quite dangerous for noobs like me. Okay, journey through it was okay, i manage to keep up but without any energy left on me. I really couldn't do anything, I was the slowest one since I ran out of energy. This is because of me not sleeping. So we all climb up as high as we can but there wasn't enough time to climb to the highest. Now, the downhill part comes in. With the really awful trail, I couldn't go any faster as I am noob. But then, it's downhill, so my mind says what the heck, just go for it lah. It took my working ass to go up this damn steep hill. So i just gave the speed, down the hill, up to where I couldn't control my tires to not go into "trail drain" but I did. I went flip over the bike, smashed my shoulder on the muds, and I thought Ive dislocated my shoulder cause it was damn painful. But then, Shah came to the rescue, I asked him to check if it was just normal muscle pain or dislocated shoulder, and it was just normal muscle pain lah. Thank god. Then, the worst came, the saddle, came off and we got no tools to tighten up the saddle back and I had to ride my bike with a saddle and the seatpost so its like having a trial bike setup to go down the hill. It was killing me. Really killing me with the pain on the shoulder and on my ass cause I had nowhere to put my ass. Then arrived back to the point of where we started the trail. My rear brakes are gone too. I cant use any rear brakes. So whats left was just front brakes. Broken saddle and brakes. Then when I came near to the zoo area, I heard a sound that I didnt like. One of my spokes broken from my rear rim. Broken spoke, brakes and saddle(not really broken but unattached and uncomfortable) and yeah forgot to mention a CRASH again! Leeches were everywhere on me. My shoes totally filled with blood. I don't know why I have this unlucky month. Lost my phone, scratch my shin, injured my shoulder, broken spoke, broken brakes and broken saddle. Oh well. Maybe its newbie bad luck eh? Anyways, after the ride, I repaired my spoke, installed my newly bought used LX crank(RM50 for BB, crank arm and cateye computer. Thanks CS!) with octalink BB. Havent installed the computer yet as it takes some time and I had to go home for my friends! Really didn't expect to leave them out at my house for so long. So after all these, I headed home.
  • Bought and installed new used crank arm LX, biggest chainring and cateye computer for RM50
  • Broken spoke, brakes and saddle.
  • Injured my shoulder.

09 November 2006

Photos, Pictures, Pics, Gambar, Foto.

Damage done by my bike.
Closer view.
Rear 2.1 Tioga Tire
1.95 Front Tioga Tire
Specialized Pedals
My new MTB freeride helmet.